Brant Street access to Spencer Smith Park limited; pier construction and public safety has area fenced off.


The yellow portion of this graphic outlines the area that is screened off to the public.  Entry into Spencer Smith Park will be from the stairway just to the west of the Waterfront hotel.  The fencing will stay in place until the end of May.


By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON. March 29, 2013  There are still a few holdouts – bits of snow that are in places where the sunshine has yet to get to – but Spring is in the air and that will draw thousands of people down to the waterfront, wearing sweaters perhaps but out in the sunshine and fresh air nevertheless.

Expect to see our pier looking like this during those summer evenings when darkness has settle upon the city. There won’t be fireworks every evening.

But the promenade leading from the foot of Brant Street into Spencer Smith Park will not be what you have been used to – that area has been closed off while construction people continue with their work getting the node in place, continuing with the installation of  the light fixtures that are already powered and preparing to install the Burlington Blue rails that will be a really striking feature of the pier when it opens in June.

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