Brian Heagle: Lawyer, basketball player, community activist; forms his own organization. Will his ward councillor be on the Board?

By Pepper Parr

March 17, 2014


We are always intrigued with the doings of Brian Heagle.

We are continually asked if Mr. Heagle is going to run in ward 4 – but then we are often asked if Cam Jackson is going to run in ward 5.  We are never asked if Mr. Heagle is going to run for Mayor.

We bring this up because we got an invitation from Mr. Heagle to LIKE the Roseland Heights Community Organization Facebook page – which confused us at first because there is already a very effective and well-organized Roseland Community Organization.

We thought that perhaps Mr. Heagle had decided to use his legal talents and get into Real Estate development and had visions of a cute little development in the community – perhaps with some infill that would fit in well with the community character study currently underway.

Looks like Roseland – but it’s being called Roseland Heights.

But no – the RHCO is a community association in Burlington, Ontario, Canada formed to protect and enhance a remarkable neighbourhood known as Roseland Heights.  The boundaries shown on the Facebook page look like the Roseland as we know it – but lawyers deal with property title matters and perhaps Mr. Heagle knows something we don’t – of that we have no doubt.

Slip over to Facebook and type in: Roseland Heights Community Organization – it`s real.

The late John Boich, far right looks on proudly as his man develops a relationship with Burlington Liberals. Heagle, on the left gesturing with his hands, jumped ship and announced he was really a Tory and was going to seek the Progressive Conservative nomination. But they wouldn’t have him

But Mr. Heagle thought there was a bigger prize available and he chose to attempt to win the Progressive Conservative nomination which didn’t work out very well.

Is this what Heagle means by Roseland Heights? The sign in Brian Heagle’s lap tells you why he is there.

As the city approached the municipal election the wondering was: will Heagle run against Jack Dennison again?  Then we figured it out.

Is has been reported that Jack Dennison was prepared to campaign with another potential ward 4 candidate should that person file nomination papers.  Mr. Heagle knows an advantage when he sees one.  So he forms the Roseland Heights Community Organization and invites Jack Dennison to become a member – maybe even put him on the Board of the thing.  In return for this favour Dennison would campaign for Heagle when he decides to run for that ward 4 seat.

You see,  Jack Dennison was not accepted as a member of the long-standing Roseland Community Organization when he attempted to get a property variance from the Committee of Adjustment.  Those good folk over in Roseland felt what Dennison wanted was completely at odds with both the city`s Official Plan and the way Roseland saw Lakeshore Road developing.  So they advised him that they would not accept his membership application.  One doesn`t often see a community organization `blackballing` their member of Council.

Mr. Heagle has solved that problem – and perhaps hopes in the fullness of time that Jack Dennison will return the favour so the two of them can drive through the streets of ward 5 on their bicycles in June – Dennison`s traditional election campaign period.

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4 comments to Brian Heagle: Lawyer, basketball player, community activist; forms his own organization. Will his ward councillor be on the Board?

  • Randy Lipschitz

    The reality is the entire New Street corridor stretching easterly from Guelph Line has been under-massed for a long time. There are existing services; underground pipes, utilities, roadway, empty bus service, etc. that can be capitalized by any new development scheme.

    The proposed 6-storey development should be more like 10-12 storeys with ground level neighbourhood retail commercial.

    Heagle’s little party is exactly the type of politics that will continue to adversely affect the health of this city.

    Should be called “The Nimby Gang of Roseland” – the area boundary as defined by the Heagle club, is arbitrary. The city’s good planning and future development depends on an overall city comprehensive plan; otherwise, we should divert all bus traffic to detour around this neighbourhood and service other more inclusive neighbourhoods, as a start.

  • Pat

    What’s in it for Heagle is the only thing that motivates Heagle. Liberal blood, but will jump at being Conservative to get the profile; flip-flop Heagle.

    Heagle doesn’t want seniors living in his neighbourhood; that’s why he opposes smart development proposals like the apartment building on New Street.

    His Ward? How about OUR CITY?

    I wonder if that is why he has one of his lawyer partners in the city’s economic development office, to help manipulate the development activity and lobbying for the Heagle development vision(less).

  • Must be a slow newsday over there at the Gazette!

    If your readers would like the real story about the Roseland Heights Community Association (which covers the area right next to our friends at the Roseland Community Organization), and also learn about tomorrow’s vote by Council for the proposed 6-storey “Miranatha Gardens” – they’re welcome to visit the following link:

    The above link includes an information sheet, which directs people to the RHCO website, Facebook page and a survey.

    Editor’s note: Heagle certainly has a point – we believe a limited one that is using scare tactics and misinformation about the developer.

    • Heagle’s Note: With respect, you’ve missed the point – I made no comments about the developer. The focus is squarely on the apartment building itself, plus City Hall and the community. Perhaps you were trying to read between the lines, not for the first time?