Burlington Basketball Players - The Pick of the Crop

  • By June Rouse

May 2nd, 2022



Are you a big basketball fan?

Burlington, Ontario, has a strong basketball pedigree – read more about some of the best players from the region in Canada.

Burlington Basketball is a non-profit venture that was originally started in 1973. Offering the community a program for youngsters to get involved with, Burlington Basketball has produced some top players over the years.

The Ontario city as a strong track record of producing outstanding sportsmen and women across various sports, but basketball really stands out.

Here’s a look at some Burlingtonians and their achievements on the basketball court.

Mfiondu Kabengele

Mfiondu Kabengele first Burlington resident to be drafted, by the Brooklyn Nets then traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Attending Corpus Christi High School, Mfiondu Kabengele played for Burlington Basketball from 2011 to 2015 under the expert eye of Zelemir Stevanovic. For his collegiate basketball career, Kabengele was recruited to the Florida State Seminoles.

In 2019, Mfiondu Kabengele became the first Burlington resident to be drafted, being picked 27th overall. He was drafted by the Brooklyn Nets but traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. Between 2019 and 2021, he played 25 games for the Clippers before moving to Cleveland Cavaliers in 2021 and playing 16 games for them between April and October.

The basketball court was very familiar to Mfiondu from a young age as his uncle is Dikembe Mutombo, a pro player who was inducted into the Hall of Fame after an 18-year career.

Ron Foxcroft eyeing the basket in a small court installed at the Fox40 whistle warehouse.

Ron Foxcroft

Not everyone who’s from Burlington and famous in basketball is a player, as Ron Foxcroft perfectly demonstrates.

Foxcroft became well-known for his prowess as a basketball referee and for inventing a new type of pea-less whistle, the Fox 40. The whistle is now sold in 140 countries and is not  used in just the sports community, but also in search and rescue. With armfuls of accolades, Foxcroft was named as one of the top Canadian entrepreneurs of the decade and, in 2015, travelled to Buckingham Palace for a private audience with Queen Elizabeth II.

On the court, he refereed at both National and International levels, including the Olympics. He spent 14 seasons evaluating the performances of NBA referees, and in 2016 he was awarded the coveted NASO Gold Whistle Award. This is considered to be the highest award that can be bestowed on a referee anywhere in the world.

Throughout his whole career, Ron Foxcroft has remained a permanent resident of Burlington.

Kevin Kangu

Kevin Kangu: a name to watch.

If you’re looking for a preview of the NBA season Kevin Kangu is a name to watch. Hailing from Burlington, he’s eligible for the draft in 2022.

In 2017-2018 Kangu was in his freshman year and played in 28 games, with 27 starts at Midland College in Texas. At Vincennes in his sophomore year, Kangu built on his previous performance, starting 19 games and appearing in 36 games in total. His performance in the Vincennes National Championship was so memorable that he was named in the all-tournament team.

At Oakland University, Kangu played for both the juniors and the seniors, appearing in the maximum 33 and 30 games, respectively. His performance across both years was impressive, with a number of achievements including the most total assists and the most assists per game.

Now in college, Kangu is playing guard for Lenoir Rhyne Bears.

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