Burlington MP thinks Duffy matter a quibbling minor issue, doesn’t expect to be called to Cabinet and will probably run again.



By Walter Byj, Correspondent.

BURLINGTON, ON.  July 15, 2013.  Burlington’s MP, Mike Wallace has decided to see Canada on a ground level and is planning on taking part in a marathon in each of Canada’s provinces.  He stopped long enough in Burlington to flip some burgers at the Chamber of Commerce’s Business and Political BBQ  Forum last Thursday.

In his usual folksy manner, Mike said he was not expecting a phone call from the Prime Minister to become a member of the Cabinet. 

Mike Wallace said he was not expecting a call from the Prime Minister to join the Cabinet. Smart move Mike.

As a middle-aged, uni lingual male, he said he relishes his current position as a MP which allows him the time to do the most good for his constituency. When asked during the Q & A if he would turn down a cabinet post, he replied that it would be an honour to be a minister and he would accept.

He did express some dissatisfaction with the fact that the current government was not being lauded for the great job that was being done and that instead people were quibbling about minor issues. When asked to comment on what these issues were, he felt that a disproportionate amount of time was being spent on the Senator Duffy matter and not enough time on the big issues both within Canada and internationally.

Wallace lamented the fact that manufacturing jobs have disappeared not only nationally but also here in Burlington. This initiated a statement and question by Nick Bontis from McMaster who stated that Obama is pushing hard for more manufacturing in the US, but the same does not appear to be happening in Canada. Wallace agreed that the programs are not working as efficiently in Canada and efforts are being implemented to streamline the system.

Burlington’s MP Mike Wallace takes questions during the Chamber of Commerce Business and Political BBQ  Forum. Suggests that too much time is being spent on the Mike Duffy matter

Wallace explained that each department in Ottawa has their own software program and that they do not speak to each. The other problem appears to be an accountability issue. He feels that as more people are accountable for the actions, they tend to delay decisions so as to “cover their butts”. Would some of this has to do with the autocratic rule of a certain Prime Minister?

Wallace felt that the Harper initiative to tighten up the housing market is about done and does not foresee any major housing crisis.

Being the co-chair of the Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group, he felt that Canada was getting close to a free trade agreement.  He said the same back in January of 2012, so don’t hold your breath.

As for Burlington and his constituents, the major issue seems to be dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency.  He does not know why this is one of the major issues for his constituents and is not certain if this is above normal for a community.

In concluding, he re-emphasized that he wants to use the leverage he has in Ottawa to help any group or person in his riding that needs some help. “By all means” said Wallace  “go through the proper channels, but permit him to use his expertise in expediting the process.”

Wallace added that he will probably be running in the next election.

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