Burlington TAXI to close.

By Staff

November 24th, 2021



Burlington TAXI has announced it will be closing.

Exactly when and why will be detailed in a follow up story.


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3 comments to Burlington TAXI to close.

  • This will leave a huge hole in service for those who need a taxi to accommodate wheelchairs etc. Handi Van and bus do not always work for all clentelle. City needs to examine on an emergency basis and consulting with Burlington Taxi on what they need to do to support this community particularly in the winter months.

  • Penny Hersh

    There is more to this story than residents are being told. If indeed this was brought to the city on November 8th, why did it take until November 24th to be made public?

    Why did the city not accept the proposal by Burlington Taxi to allow Hamilton Taxi to take over the service, at least on an interim basis?

    According to the information provided by Burlington Taxi today, the company has been trying to get some concession since 2018.

    Seniors are the demographic most affected by this closure. Was the City’s Senior Advisory Committee made aware of this? Doubt it. No wonder residents walk away from serving on advisory committees. The committees are lip service only.

    Have to wonder if there was an ICBL in place for this issue as well at City Hall?

  • Robert Missen

    Are there any other cab companies in the City? If not, will this car-crazy city just be left with public transit and Uber?

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