Casino Zeus Ranks Canadian Online Locations

By Roman Melton

August 29, 2022



Having gone live earlier this year, Casino Zeus is still a recent addition to the online gambling house review scene.

Nonetheless, it has swiftly proven itself a source of trustworthy and reliable information regarding gaming regulations in Canada.

The website also features a Canadian online casinos list, with some of the most trustworthy and entertaining online gambling houses, according to resident gambling expert Olexiy Ivanov. By weighing up several key factors in what results in the most enjoyable online gambling experience, Ivanov has ranked numerous leading online casinos in Canada for the convenience of gamers throughout the country.

We’ll begin with a brief explanation of the legality of online casinos in Canada. After that, we’ll guide you on a whistle-stop tour of five of the best Canadian casino sites, according to Casino Zeus.

Legalization and Regulation of Online Casinos in Canada
Canadian regulations surrounding online casinos initially seem complex but are actually fairly simple. Basically, even though it’s illegal to operate online casinos out of Canada, it is one hundred percent safe and legal to play at offshore gaming sites instead.

Not only is it entirely legal to play at offshore net casinos, but it’s also highly popular.

Almost twenty million people play at a casino online. Net casinos operating offshore earned a gross turnover of over C$610 million in 2021.

It can be fun, and you can play with friends.

So, if you live in Canada and are interested in doing a little online gambling, there’s no need to worry; you’re not breaking any laws when using offshore casinos! The pastime is entirely legitimate. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you’re absolutely scrupulous when your security is concerned. That’s where Casino Zeus’ list of trusted online casinos in Canada might help.

Grading the Best Online Casinos in Canada 2022
Here is a list of the best online gambling sites in Canada. This list has been taken from Casino Zeus’ ranking of the top ten Canadian casino clubs on the internet.

When searching for a net casino to play at, you should ensure you remain aware both of how fun and rewarding the site is and of your security. While compiling their Canada online casinos list, Casino Zeus was careful to take all these things into account.
# of games

Kosmonaut Online Casino
200% up to C$2,000
More than 500
Curacao eGaming

Kaiser Slots
200% deposit bonus up to C$110
More than 700
UK Gambling Commission

Spin Casino
200% deposit bonus up to C$110
More than 700
Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission

Royal Vegas
More than 1,500
Malta Gaming Authority

GamingClub Casino
More than 1,500
Malta Gaming Authority

When researching what casino you should try, it’s important that you do your own rigorous research. Read up on what those with expertise in online gambling have to say on the subject; taking advice from trustworthy professionals in the area will very rarely lead you astray! That’s why we recommend having a look at Casino Zeus’ website for more information.

The Main Criteria for Ranking Online Casinos in Canada
Having now presented you with a short list of five of the most trusted casinos online Canada has to offer, we’ll talk a little bit about the criteria behind this ranking. After all, if you’re to do your own research into online casinos, you’d best know what it is you’re looking for.

Here is a list of criteria used when reviewing online casinos:

Does the site have good user ratings? If so, then it is likely very trustworthy, secure, and fun.

Is the casino properly licensed by recognized regulatory bodies? A quick way to check this for yourself is to scan the site footer for a recognizable gaming authority logo.

Does the casino use reliable data protection methods to guarantee you and your money are safe?

Is help readily available through their website—i.e. for technical difficulties, inquiries ?

All of these issues, and more, are taken into account when ranking online casinos.

When compiling their list, Casino Zeus used these very criteria to rate each and every site.

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