Chimney fire results in an estimated $250,000 damage to Hadfield Court home.

By Staff

March 11, 2014


At a time when many were at church last Sunday, the fire department got a call – 10:56 am exactly – that smoke was coming out of the roof at 2063 Hadfield Court, a street north of Upper Middle Road, west of Appleby Line.

The first fire crew to arrive could see smoke and flames on the roof of the single family dwelling. Firefighters determined the fire originated in the attic area on the second storey of the house and pulled the ceiling beside the chimney down exposing the flames which were quickly extinguished.

In a community with swimming pools in many of the back yards – a chimney fire cause damage estimated at $250,000

The fire had extended into the roof which moved the focus to the exterior of the house.

Once the fire was extinguished on the roof crews ensured that any extension from the fire was eliminated.

The fire was declared out and the home owner was allowed back into the building at 14:02, the fire trucks pulled out and that was it.

There were no injuries just massive water damage estimated at $ 250,000

The fire is believed to have been caused by a fire in the chimney  The fire safety message in the media report: Have all chimneys cleaned and inspected every year.

And now the family at 2063 Hadfield Court begins the messy job of cleaning up and doing their best to get the smell of the fire out of the house.


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