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BURLINGTON, ON August 4, 2011 – Chrissy writes in response to the piece we did on the Joseph Brant Day event at LaSalle Pavilion last holiday weekend. We had suggested there was precious little to see or hear about Joseph Brant at the event and Chrissy had this to say.

“I personally thought the event displayed the history of Burlington phenomenally! I do not necessarily think that the event is held to solely focus on Joseph Brant’s entire life, but rather Joseph Brant as one of Burlington’s first settlers. The event is meant to be a day filled with family fun and to celebrate Burlington’s heritage! I personally loved the event, and as did my family and friends! I think the citizens of Burlington also really enjoyed the event from what I gathered!”

“In addition, you have a spelling error in your article. I believe you mean to say heard, rather than hard. A funny spelling error, I must add.”

Oh dear, another spelling error – thanks for bringing it to our attention Chrissy. Spell checkers just aren’t what they used to be.

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