Citizen reaches the same conclusion as Eric Stern: Taxes did go up 10.21%

By Pepper Parr

April 27th, 2024



A Gazette reader posted the following comment in the vibrant Comments section of the Gazette.

“Taking good advice from Eric Stern, I simply did the math on my own. Everyone will get the same number: take your 2022 Final Tax Bill, note the amount you paid from Line 1 – that is simply the Burlington municipal tax portion. Then do the same with the 2023 Final Tax Bill. You will find what we all do: Burlington’s portion of your taxes increased 15.59%.

“15.59 is not 4.99. When the Mayor suggests in her convoluted way that the “impact” or whatever other words she uses is a 4.99% increase, when in fact our literal Burlington increase without looking at school board or fire or region, is 15.59% – that’s what I’d call MISINFORMATION.”

Stern provided the following data in his article:

There is a link to the article at the bottom of this news report.

Eric Stern, retired successful business man and long time Burlington resident spoke to Finance department staff to be certain he had the correct information

“And Eric has also pointed out – most recently in a NextDoor group post, that since 2022, Burlington council has raised taxes by 27.4 %.

“Then there’s the extremely non-transparent way, in my opinion deliberately so, in which the budget documents are presented. Front page article in today’s Hamilton Spectator notes Hamilton gets an F grade on a CD Howe Institute Report on Fiscal Transparency by Ontario municipalities. Looking at CD Howe’s report, Burlington isn’t included in their data, but when reading it, they outline what cities with good grades do and what is a failure of presenting clear data. It’s fair to say Burlington would fail spectacularly imo.”

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Public learns what the tax burden is – different from the impact the Mayor talks about.

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