Citizen reports on what the tax increase will mean - more money leaving your pocket or purse

By Joe Gaetan

November 29th, 2023


What the 4.99% TAX increase means to the average Burlingtonian.

First: The average cost of housing per segment in Burlington is as follows:

Condo’s – $547,739
Condo Towns – $710,936
Freeholds- $881,798
Detached houses – $1,222,381

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“The City’s portion of the overall tax increase is 4.99%. When blended with Halton Region’s forecasted increase and no change to the Boards of Education, this results in an overall tax increase of 6.68%. This translates to $57.53 increase per $100,000 of urban residential assessment.”

Here is what the TAX increase means to you in pocket dollars.

On average, if you live in a Condo, you will be paying $315.11 more,

a Condo Town $409.00 more,

a Freehold $507.30 more and

a Detached home $703.24 more per next year.

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3 comments to Citizen reports on what the tax increase will mean – more money leaving your pocket or purse

  • Gary Scobie

    Thanks Joe. Clear and concise. We are lucky to live in a Region that knows how to keep costs reasonable and taxes quite low. This cushions the outcome of high Burlington taxes. So too does the non-increase of Education taxes, although I don’t understand how much longer the Province can underfund the education of our youth by disallowing any increases. Someday this will have to stop and will increase our overall taxes.

    There have been a number of new delegates to Council who have insisted that a different way of budgeting must be adopted that is simply not take every item in last year’s budget and add more. I hope we don’t have to wait three years for the next election for this to happen, but so far I see no interest within this Council on a new approach. Not reassuring.

    • Joe Gaetan

      You are welcome Gary. I was heartened by some of the delegations. I am still trying to peal back the many layers of the budget onion.

    • David

      Thanks for that, I will be reducing my spending locally to reflect this increase, if the 3000 petition signatores do the same that’s a $1-mil loss in sales. Let the Mayor explain to the BDBA the economics of why.