Bentivegna points to growing tax rate problem: his colleagues ignore it

Angelo B - squint - red post H&S

By Pepper Parr May 19th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Every once in a while ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna casts a vote intended to make […]

Tax Levy bylaw sets out what you have to pay and when payment is due. Deferral payment plan in place

Burlington flags

By Staff May 6th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   City Council approved the 2021 Tax Levy Bylaw at its meeting on May 5, 2021. The bylaw […]

Sharman wants to shake up the way the city budget is prepared - wants a tighter - 'unvarnished' - look at just what the departments are doing

Sharman picking

By Pepper Parr May3rd, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   A very solid look at what the citizens of Burlington get for the money they pay Councillor […]

A new approach to budget setting gets revealed at Councillor's ward meeting

budget 2021

By Pepper Parr April 24th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The week was a media bonanza for ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns. Ward 2 Councillor Lisa […]

Rivers on the Federal Budget: A Chicken in Every Pot

PM - DPM & finance 2021 budget

By Ray Rivers April 22, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Just like that it was over! Presentation of a budget with no real surprises, unlike the […]

City gets into some serious borrowing: $15 million line of credit for Hydro

By Staff March 24th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   City Council met yesterday for a meeting that was expensive. The biggest spend was the approval given […]

Tax payment deferral plan available

property tax graphic

By Pepper Parr March 5th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   It started out with; Direct the Chief Financial Officer to implement a 2021 COVID-19 property tax […]

What were the individual Councillor contributions to the 2021 budget ?

Iamonaco, the city's Public Involvement Coordinator may want to say something about CLOSED council sessions - maybe?

By Pepper Parr March 4th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION Once the decision is made to settle on just what the tax rate for a year […]

Official: tax increase over 2020 budget will be 4.14% - 18.99 per $100,000 of assessment.

budget 2021

By Pepper Parr March 3rd 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   It is now official. Council voted for a tax levy of $182,276,388 which will mean a […]

Standing committee settles on a tax levy for the operations budget - not the 3.99% the Mayor vowed to deliver.

Council with clerk

By Pepper Parr February 25th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   They wrapped it up. We now know what the tax levy is going to be for […]

Council returns to budget deliberations and immediately goes into a CLOSED session

CLOSED screen shot

By Pepper Parr February 25th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Updated on February 25th: 11:07 am A day off doesn’t seem to have changed a thing. No […]

Public did not get a chance to hear about the proposal that could have reduced $1.46 million from the budget

Councillor Stolte looking for a response to her motion - put forward last April

By Pepper Parr February 24th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Just what was the hullabaloo all about? It was about a possible $1,466,000 savings that had […]

Council wasn't able to get to that magic 3.99% tax increase on Tuesday - they will try again on Thursday


By Pepper Parr February 23rd, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   It was late; 9:45 pm. They had been going at it since 9:30 in the morning. […]

A Confidential Issue on the City Operating Budget ? Why?

City hall - share banner

By Pepper Parr February 19th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Have you ever seen something like this before? BAR forms (Budget Action Requests) are documents Councillors […]

Council and Staff are in agreement on 27 changes to the budget - Stolte doesn't hop on that band wagon - asks for a 10% cut in the Council payroll

Councillor Stolte looking for a response to her motion - put forward last April

By Pepper Parr February 18th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   They are referred to as BAR (Budget Action Request), forms that each Council member can submit […]

Not once, not twice - but three times. Councillor holds three Zoom meetings

Angelo B

By Pepper Parr February 12th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The Communications people at City Hall provide a service that amounts to a listing of events […]

Damoff to hold on -line Town Hall on federal budget - February 11th

Damoff with big wide open smiles

By Pepper Parr January 29th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Oakville North-Burlington MP Pam Damoff in full election mode Pam Damoff, the MP for Oakville North […]

Finance department provides a budget simulation tool - figure out how you would send the money


By Staff January 27th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   During February City Councillors will be debating the Operations budget which threatens to come in at more […]

Council gets draft Operations budget - along with a lot of detailed data in a graphic format


By Pepper Parr January 22, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Council heard just what the city is up against as they prepare to craft the Operations […]

Mayor will direct Staff to find savings that bring the proposed 4.99% tax increase down to 3.99%

1% image

By Pepper Parr January 20th 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Mayor Meed Ward doesn’t like the look of 4.99% tax increase and has advised her council […]

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