City activists seek support to oppose allowing tar sands oil to cross the Escarpment.

The NEB is a federal agency; it would have been nice to know where our MP’s stand on this issue.

The Enbridge pipeline has to get across some substantial rivers in Ontario. The Moira River is one of them.

Burlington MP Mike Wallace speaks at a Royal Botanical Gardens event – might we hear him speak soon on the Enbridge Pipeline application to reverse the flow of their pipeline in Burlington?

While the public is fully aware of how Prime Minister Harper controls the Members of the Conservative Party – Wallace and Raitt were elected by the people of Burlington to represent our interests. 

A very significant concern is the lack of shut off valves near the banks of the many creeks and rivers the pipeline crosses.  Any watershed contamination could flow very quickly to Lake Ontario, which is the source of urban Burlington’s drinking water.

Enbridge has no modeling or mitigation plan for north Burlington aquifer contamination.  Any leak or spill could contaminate rural residents’ drinking water.

The minimum pipe wall thickness range needed is 10.3-19.8mm. That is equivalent to 0.40-0.78 inches, compared to the 0.25 of Line 9B.  The walls of the Line 9B pipeline are not thick enough.

The City of Burlington has chosen to participate by applying to submit a letter or comment and collaborate with other municipalities that are applying for intervener status, however it will not apply for intervener status itself which allows you to speak openly at the hearing.  Burlington citizens need to stand up and apply to participate themselves to hold Enbridge to account to uphold pipeline integrity.  If anyone would like to help out or can volunteer specific expertise or counsel  based on their background please contact Nicole Goodman at:



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