City council getting closer to deciding on who the new city manager will be.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

December 16th, 2014



It was a short terse announcement.

There will be a meeting of City Council at 11 am on Tuesday December 16th:

Single item on the agenda:

Discussion concerning the City Manager recruitment.

There will be two to three minutes of public session then they will move into Closed session and get an update from the interim city manager Pat Moyle on where he is in his search for a city manager to replace him.

Moyle has a commitment to be in his car with his wife and on their way to Florida February 1 – and there is no way this side of the 49th parallel that he is going to get out of that.

Will Moyle be ready to make a recommendation?

Or will he pass along a list of his top three choices and leave it to Council to decide what they want to do?

If past experience is any guide – Council will have met off site somewhere and gone through interviews with the candidates Moyle put forward.


General Manager working his way through the 2011 Strategic Plan with council and staff.

One of the candidates will most certainly by Scott Stewart, current General Manager for Development and Infrastructure and the guy who has carried the city ever since Jeff Fielding caught a flight to Calgary and took up residence in that city.

Stewart can certainly do the job and if the past three years mean anything – he has earned a crack at it.

What isn’t known is – who is Stewart up against?


Scott Stewart on the left worked tightly with former city manager Jeff Fielding.  Stewart had the job of making all the Fielding ideas work.

Is this Council likely about to make another Jeff Fielding type decision? There had to be all kinds of telltale, red flag signs during the Fielding interviews. Stewart was a candidate in last city manager search. Many thought he should have gotten the nod then.

We might get some interesting news Tuesday evening.

And if the choice is for someone from somewhere else – a local moving company might get a call.

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