City Manager Jeff Fielding accepts a position with City of Calgary

 Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

April 14. 2014


It must have been with a heavy heart that Mayor Goldring announced today that city manager Jeff Fielding will be leaving the City of Burlington to become the new city manager for the City of Calgary.

 Fielding has had a massive impact on change in the city and leaves at a time when there is far too much work not yet done.  His leaving will set the city back some distance.

“I want to sincerely thank Jeff on behalf of City Council and staff for his significant, positive impact on the city and its residents,” said Mayor Goldring. “Under Jeff’s leadership, we have accomplished a tremendous amount of work in the last two years, setting us on the path for Burlington to become one of the most innovative and creative municipal governments in Canada.”

 Fielding began with Burlington in January 2012. He introduced processes and tools to enhance the delivery of city services, including results-based accountability, business process management and service-based budgeting.  Fielding will be with Burlington until May 16, beginning his new position with Calgary on June 2.

An announcement will soon be made regarding an interim replacement for the city manager. The city will provide an update as soon as a decision is made.

Much more to develop on this story. 

See it as a blow for the city.

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13 comments to City Manager Jeff Fielding accepts a position with City of Calgary

  • Joe Veitch

    What a sad day this is today, sorry to see you go Jeff. You have been an inspiration to all of us. Wish you all the best for the future

  • Margaret Lindsay Holton

    p.s. Perhaps the bigger question should be was he ‘poached’ by a head-hunter? OR, was he actively looking to leave? Either way, neither answer bodes well for the Corporation. One would think his contract with City would have prevented this kind of ‘escape clause’. Two years is nothing in civil service. Something is definitely not right here.

    • Stephanie Cooper-Smyth

      Ms. Holton, even the most savvy headhunter will not be successful in ‘poaching’, unless the prey is hurting for something.

      In Mr. Fielding’s case, clearly he was not hurting for money.

      With a comprehensive view of the antics of the current, dysfunctional Council (aka: ‘the company culture’), one might accurately summise that this was the source of pain for Mr. Fielding.

  • Margaret Lindsay Holton

    I tend to agree with Ethel that we’re missing something here. His new ‘contract’ with Calgary is for 4 years, with a base salary of $315,000 and a performance incentive of 10%, according to video interview with the Mayor of Calgary, posted by Marianne Meed Ward on her Facebook page. Didn’t Fielding jave a ‘contract’ with the City of Burlington? Regardless of the obvious financial advantage to go to Calgary, there is still something missing in this ‘departure’ story. More importantly, with his ‘sudden’ exit, how quickly and efficiently can City adapt to any incoming CM in an election year? Pepper’s right, this is a serious blow to the Corporation, and to the citizens of Burlington. Hope we find out more soon …

  • Ethel F

    Dont look down but your bias is showing.
    You didnt post my comment.
    So much for you being an objective reporter.
    Editor’s note: we did not post your comment because you sent it from an address that does not exist. Have the courage of your convictions – phony.

  • Roger

    It is Burlington’s loss however one would think that being forced to deliver information like cost over runs for the pier – he has his fill of covering issues that council should have taken responsiblity for. Mr Fielding will be missed but it is quite apparent that he was the leader but many staff in his organization did not embrace his changes and only settled back into their old ways and old attitudes.

    Mr Fielding – you will be sadly missed and appreciated for the changes that your tried to make.

  • Stephanie Cooper-Smyth

    High performance executives do not leave for money. They leave because they are frustrated or handicapped/handcuffed from achieving success by the very culture of the company.
    Mr. Fielding’s departures speaks loudly to this – I sure hope the voters are listening.

    You are right, Mr. Parr. This is a definite hit to the City at a time when they need someone of his calibre more than ever.

    Sorry to lose you, Mr. Fielding – wishing you more success in Cowtown.

  • Bob

    It is with heavy heart that I read this shocking announcement. In the short time Jeff has been with the city, he has made progressive changes that will bode well for the city in years to come. He was popular with the staff, knew most is not all by name, and was readily approachable. Well I did not know Jeff on a personal level, I consider him a friend and am sad to see leave. Best wishes on your future endeavors Jeff.

  • penny Hersh

    I for one am extremely sorry to see Mr. Fielding go. I have a great deal of respect for him and the way he operates.

    Something does not seem right. Mr. Fielding never struck me as someone who would not either complete what he started or put the right people in place before leaving. His plan is to assume his new job in about a months time. What is it that we don’t know?

  • Don

    I wondered about the term NEWSFLASH when I saw it – this is truly a sad newsflash. Jeff is playing a key role in rebuilding the corporate culture at City Hall – we were finally beginning to see a spring in the steps of city staff, a new sense of pride, and a growing list of accomplishments. Jeff will be missed, but he has established a solid base to build upon.
    Good luck Jeff!

  • Gloria

    A tremendous loss for Burlington and a wonderful addition for Mayor Nenshi and the citizens of Calgary.

    Heartfelt thanks to Jeff Fielding for the many improvements he started and let’s hope his replacement will take up where Jeff will be leaving off.

  • Best of luck in Calgary Jeff! A city that’s made great progress since I left in the late 80’s. Burlington will miss you!

  • donald

    Sad sad news. Nobody will be able to replicate this guy’s ideas, nor champion his business approach and continuous improvement ideology. He will do very well with Calgary’s mayor. With the two of them, that city is going to become most innovative. Fielding will be missed.