City sets out what they will try to do to restore taxi service - long term plan not expected until December 2023

By Staff

December 1st, 2021



The city administration, with the blessing of city council has set out their plan to get whatever might be available in the way of taxi service to replace the Burlington Taxi service that ceased operations on November 30th.

Amendments made to Public Vehicle By-law provides opportunity for replacement of lost taxi service and applications arenbeing accepted starting December 2

The bylaw changes were made at a Special Council meeting yesterday, City Council approved amending the Public Vehicle By-law to allow exemptions to existing licensing requirements so other taxi services can apply to provide service for Burlington residents.

With Burlington’s main taxi service provider Burlington Taxi, ceasing operation on Nov.26, 2021, the amendments are intended to provide a temporary solution to quickly replace lost taxi service. The by-law that governs the issuance of new taxi licences was written to meet the needs of the taxi business model that existed in 2009. To allow new businesses to enter the Burlington transportation market, City staff recommended interim by-law amendments. These amendments will help provide flexibility in the application process and meet demands of current business models.

Starting Dec. 2, 2021 applications for new taxi owner licences/plates will be open until all spaces are full. The by-law amendment allows licences to be awarded on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis (similar to other City business licences). Complete applications will be processed as soon as possible to address the current service gap in Burlington.

Applicants can visit for more information on the criteria and documentation required. The City will continue to share updates as available. In the meantime, Burlington Transit bus schedules can be accessed at 905-639-0550 or at Burlington Transit currently offers adults 65+ free transit on weekdays, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

The fee for the license is a reported $3,451.68.

The by-law amendments are intended to provide a temporary solution. City staff are aiming to undertake a comprehensive review and consultation and have a new by-law created prior to December 31, 2023. Further review is required not only to determine appropriate taxi licensing requirements, but to investigate the ‘rideshare’ businesses and options for regulating that market.

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3 comments to City sets out what they will try to do to restore taxi service – long term plan not expected until December 2023

  • Vera-D.

    Another case of not caring what happens to people in a car centric city with poor transit. People do not go from a lifetime of driving to wanting to walk blocks to the bus stop, waiting in cold weather, to be dropped off at the edge of massive parking lots. The current crop of seniors were involved in a lifetime of not caring about transit, not wanting to pay, when they were younger. It was always the first budget item that was cut. Now this will seriously impact them as they either have to use Uber or go on the inefficient paratrans buses that are not user friendly. The fact that council ignored the issue is no different than ignoring the built form that is not pedestrian or transit friendly and ignoring any attempts to improve access to facilities via transit. It’s just another spoke on the wheel.

  • Sharon

    Burlington is probably the only city in Canada that does not have a taxi service. Shame on Burlington City Council who knew about Burlington taxi’s situation 2 years ago!!
    Another ball dropped!!

  • Diane Knox

    This City Council and all former Councils who ‘dropped the ball’ should not rejoice in a Temporary solution. resolved 2023!!!!

    Accessibility is NOT a button on the wall, a bus Schedule which if used means several transfers and walks in Winter from their homes, Condos order to access timed Medical and lately all Vaccination, sites in Burlington
    . The majority of Taxi users I know are Independent, Single, often but NOT always Seniors who use assistive devices eg. walkers, canes, crutches and feel Safe with a Taxi not an Uber/Lift and find Handi Van a very time consuming service for needs. And, Even JBH has a pick up line to Taxi home when told not to drive…So Now who do you call? ???

    I feel nothing but Shame for my City of 50 yrs for not keeping this service viable for All its’ Citizens and Taxpayers.
    Someday, maybe this current Council and staff may understand how critical Accessibility means to them and forget the barriers of finances. I live with Hope -Someday