City that claims to be the #1 place to live in the country wants you to vote to get the third place prize.



September 14, 2015

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON. You could never say she was shy and this morning Michelle Bennett, BurlingtonGreen’s Program Coordinator, Go Local Food Network let everyone know what she wanted.

In a statement she sent out to her vast email list she asked our MPP and our MP to pull up their email lists and get the word out to their people to go on-line and vote for BurlingtonGreen in the Jamieson Call for the Wild contest that has $100,000 to be shared by five organizations based on the number of votes they pull.

“Today, with 2 days left of the contest, it is time to pull in the ringers, said Bennett.  “Would Burlington’s MP and MPP give a final push this weekend via your communications, media and personal contact lists, to encourage people to vote for BurlingtonGreen and support a template urban organization that supports the green space restoration and protection that benefits urban wildlife and habitat for our mutual enjoyment and conservation principles?”

Describing the slim lead Burlington has over Calgary in the contest for a portion of the $100,00 prize as “precarious” would be about right.

“The battle for 1st or 2nd has been won by either McGill in Montreal, or the large Hope For the Wild organization in Nova Scotia.  The battle for a respectable 3rd is very achievable against Calgary even though it is 5 x larger in population size than Burlington.  We are the underdog, but we really want to win this national distinction for Burlington and as of this morning, hold the precarious lead. 

Michelle Bennett, who has her own political capital, has called upon MP Mike Wallace and MPP Jane McKenna to use their political capital to drive up the Burlington numbers in the Jamieson $100,000 contest. Do the two politicians who represent the city even know about the event? The House of Commons is on its latest Tory version of the NDP Ray Days so Wallace has nothing to do for the next month.

“Please don your sporting hats, join our competitive spirit, vote and spread the voting link (below) to your constituents, media and personal contacts. There is a large environmentally conscious population in Burlington that BurlingtonGreen is well tapped into, and we will remember and thank you for any efforts to this cause that you can provide this weekend.

BurlingtonGreen uses social media and will be at the Terry Fox Run gathering votes at the Beachway Rentals shop on Sunday.  It would be awesome to see you there to encourage people to vote.

BurlingtonGreen added a bicycle with a retail value of $1,000 as something to be won by one of those who voted.

To enter the contest – get over to the Jamieson Facebook page to vote, You can vote once for each email address you have.

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