Classic example of identity theft – known brand name used to pull you in; plausable story as well – then they have you.

By Staff


January 20, 2014

It appeared as an email to “undisclosed recipients”.  For those that get taken in by these attempts at Identity Theft this one had an intriguing angle.  The names, said the email, had been drawn from the Samsung database of telephone and internet email users.  At some point I may have been on the Samsung web site and asked for some information.  There were none of the usual spelling mistakes.  But the language gives it away. 

What would you have done with this one?

Had you responded you would have given away a lot of information about yourself that someone would be selling to people who are never described as nice.

**************THIS IS NOT A SPAM************** Samsung Europe Internet Prize and Email Messaging Center P.O Box 732

Rotterdam- The Netherlands

Telefax: 0031-844-393-028

WINNING NOTIFICATION: Coupon Number: Q-119/SRV The sum of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros with a Samsung Ativ Book9 lite and a Samsung Galaxy NoteIII have been awarded to you from Samsung database of telephone and internet email users from which your email address was attached to the winning Coupon Number: Q-119/SRV.

Contact the notarization officer with your winning coupon number and required information for your notarization for transfer below.


Smit De Keizer(Mr.)  Claims Agent / Notarization Officer.

Contact Email:

Provide required information:

Full Names:





Country of Residence:

Tel number:


Mode of Payment: (Bank Transfer, Bank Cheque or Personal Claim) Note that any leakage of your winning notification resulting to a double claim will automatically forfeit your winning prize thus we advise you to keep your winning notification message confidential and away from public notice to prevent double claims or impersonation until after remittance/payment to you.

Your Faithfully,

Victoria Van Eggo.(P.R.O) Samsung Europe

© 2014 Samsung Europe. All rights reserved. Terms of use. Privacy Statement¬

Had this come to you – what would you have done?  Identity theft happens and people get seriously damaged financially.  Know more and protect yourself.  And lighten up on the greed factor and you’ll be just fine.

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