Cogeco Cable getting into sports broadcasting with a bunch of bandits.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  April 10, 2013  In just over a month, the umpire at the Nelson High ball park will bark out – “play ball” and the third season of Burlington’s InterCounty Baseball League (IBL) in Burlington will begin.

Is Burlington going to see some “bad guy” baseball this summer. Bandits open at home May 11th.

The team now has new owners, a new name and a whole new approach to promoting semi-pro baseball in the city.

The team has announced an agreement with Cogeco Cable that will have TVCOGECO broadcast select games during the 2013 season.

Robinson explains that he became the majority owner the original group felt the team needed more local,  hands on direction and he certainly has some big plans.  His opening day line-up of not only player but of special events will both surprise and delight many in this city.

“The Bandits, were known as the Twins in their first two years of IBL play in Burlington before being bought and renamed by Scott Robinson during the off-season.  The team opens their 42-game season 2013 schedule in Guelph on Saturday, May 4. The home opener will be played Saturday, May 11 at Nelson Park at 2 p.m. against the London Majors.

Thursday and Saturday’s – baseball nights at Nelson High park.

The IBL was established in 1919 and has proven to be a great league for younger players to develop their skills and move on up into the majors.  For the many mid-size communities it offers good sports at very attractive prices – a great affordable way to get the family out for an afternoon of good clean fun.

All the rain we’ve had this past two days doesn’t make one think baseball,  but if you listen closely and let your imagination work for you – you can hear the crack of a maple baseball bat smacking the ball and watch that ball arc into the air – and who knows if it will be caught – a double play perhaps?

“Play ball!”


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