Come on, come all – war chest needs to be built up.

October 3, 2013

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON. If you wondered whether or not there would be a provincial election in the Spring look no further than Jane McKenna’s invitation to spend some time with her WHEN

Electronic invitation from the office of Jane McKenna – she wants you to attend her fund-raiser.

The Gazette has yet to see a single press release from the office of Burlington’s representative at Queen’s Park but when it comes to a fund-raiser the invitations go out to everyone.

The word would have gone out within the Tory caucus at Queen’s Park – start raising funds, there is going to be an election and McKenna is going to need a substantial war chest to win next time out.

The province might well see a provincial election before it experiences the scheduled municipal election in October 27th  of 2014.

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2 comments to Come on, come all – war chest needs to be built up.

  • Roland M

    What are her accomplishments prior to getting elected? If she actually achieved something (other than motherhood) perhaps people would pay the $200 to hang with her.

    • Tim

      I could not agree more – Jane is nice enough but what has she done. The PC bench is weak and she is still sits at the little kids table in caucus.