Community party FREE! Big deal, it was also a very expensive deal and it is now up to you to make it work.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  October 21, 2011 – A golden key, a silver bullet – something to commemorate the handing over of a building constructed for the Performing Arts – something brand new for Burlington.  That’s the schedule for Sunday afternoon – October 23rd.

Thousands of people put in a lot of time and large sums of their own money during the past 30 years, which was when the idea that the city should have a performing arts Centre.   One donation that is particularly poignant was the $60,000.+ donated by what was then Performing Arts, but renamed Creative Burlington who found recently they could not sustain themselves financially and had to cease regular operations.  They were one of the first groups to put up real cash – it has been that kind of selfless dedication that has resulted in the building the city is going to turn over to a non-profit corporation that will provide a level of entertainment generally not available to Burlington.

You are the owner - make some time to check out the property - get your face pained and enjoy a piece of cake.

We’ve done stories on the relationship between the various organizations before and will do more of them in the future – but this Sunday afternoon from mid-day to 4:00 pm in the afternoon the public is invited out to look the place over, get your face painted, enjoy a piece of cake, get your bum in a seat, and take in a small performance.  Basically just check the place out.

There will be tours through the building, many if not most, of the volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and show you around.

The Centre has a great bar – just not sure if it’s going to be open.  No one was sure if this was a city event and therefore their bar and Centre staff couldn’t get us an answer to that question in the hour we had.

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