Councillor hints at financial concerns at transit that are not being tabled

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

January 21st, 2021


Clarification:  The Gazette has learned that the losses Councillor Sharman mentioned at Council earlier this week have been known for some time and were discussed when James Ridge was city manager.  Quite why Councillor Sharman brought them up is something we don’t understand.

Minutes before the Standing Committee that was hearing what the Finance department had to say about the 2020-21 Operations budget Councillor Paul Sharman made a comment relating to financial problems at Burlington Transit.

He said “there is a serious concern about a million dollar loss at transit that we have not been told about and there is another one coming.”

Sharman b

Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman

Paul Sharman delights in throwing a spanner into the works from time to time. He dumps a piece of information on the table, doesn’t follow up – just leaves it there to fester.

Whatever Sharman knows, rest assured there are others who know;  Is the City Manager one of them?

Let’s ask some questions and see what comes to the surface.

Transit in the past few years has managed to do very well in terms of service and leadership in the use of technology.

The department has had a sterling reputation.

What was Sharman alluding to?

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2 comments to Councillor hints at financial concerns at transit that are not being tabled

  • PClarke

    If more taxpayers knew what we were paying to support our grossly underused transit system, there would be a revolt. It is ridiculous to subsidize each trip to to the tune of $8.00-12.00. Fix it or cut it.

  • Thomas D

    Most likely it is not taking into account any potential reduction in provincial gas tax funding due to COVID.