Councillor Meed Ward in auto accident - suffering from a concussion - expects to be back at her desk within the week.

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June 16, 2015


Council met Monday afternoon and evening as a Standing Committee looking at Development and Infrastructure issues. There was one Council member missing, which is unusual for |Burlington.

Meed Ward at kick off

Meed Ward’s husband says he has never seen his wife this immobile – – resting while recovering from a concussion.

The chair of the committee just makes a comment that a person will not be attending and they let it go at that.

The missing member of Council at both the afternoon and evening sessions on Monday was Marianne Meed Ward who was injured in an automobile accident Friday afternoon.

Her vehicle was rear ended late Friday afternoon.

On the Saturday she went into a walk in clinic. After describing her symptoms the doctor concluded that she was suffering from a concussion and advised her to get bed rest, and avoid activities requiring intense mental stimulation including work.

Meed Ward continues to experience the symptoms and has been resting for the last three days. “I haven’t seen her this immobile in years” was the comment her husband made. He adds that “She’s keen to get back to work but recognizes that she has to rest to properly recover.”

Meed Ward + Taylor Water Street vote

Missing from a Standing Committee meeting – recovering from concussion due to her car being rear ended.

For the chair of the committee to announce that the |Council member would not be present when she was at home recovering from an accident that was going to keep her in bed for as much as a week doesn’t quite fit with the tag line the city adds to everything they send out: “Burlington is one of Canada’s best and most livable cities, a place where people, nature and business thrive.” Common decency got left out.

It would have been civil to comment that the Council member was in an accident and was expected to recover and return to her desk soon.

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4 comments to Councillor Meed Ward in auto accident – suffering from a concussion – expects to be back at her desk within the week.

  • Helene Skinner

    Glenda, you should see how many of them treat their consituants!! You might be shocked if you haven’t experienced it first hand. These caulky individuals seem to feel (by their actions and words) that the tax payers work for them…NOT!!

  • Glenda D

    If the chair was to comment that the council member was in an accident it would be polite to express some sort of concern and expression for a speedy recovery. A lot is said by what he didn’t say. Common decency is not alive and well with most of that council.

  • D.Duck

    get well soon

  • Helene Skinner

    It’s typical!!