Covering an active election and a simmering one at the same time.

By Pepper Parr

May 7th, 2022



Covering a provincial level election that is critical in terms of the leadership the province will have June 2nd while at the same time covering the municipal election that will take place in October is simmering in the background will certainly draw heavily on our limited resources

Our participation and coverage is going to be at the local level.

Jason Octavio will be doing interviews with people in Burlington to get a sense as to what people are thinking and what they want for the province.

Ray Rivers – coming out of retirement

Ray Rivers returns with his column that will appear on Monday’s for the next four weeks and will compliment what Jason reports on.

Our readers will do what they always do – comment at length and with enthusiasm.

All that starts on Monday.

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5 comments to Covering an active election and a simmering one at the same time.

  • Diane Knox

    Thank you for this. The June 2 Election is critical right now particularly in Burlington–Two New unknown, unheard and unseen– PC,LIB candidates,– NDP -Green. A Swing Riding and the successful MPP will be the Key to the City election in Fall.

    The Province will always have the Final voice in any Local issue. We need a VOICE in Toronto

    Please inform us about Local our Regions’ Races First –Where do they stand on the current situation of our Local Issues and citizen concerns? We can get the Election ‘promises’ and hype from other sources.

    • Dave Turner

      It’s a pity the Gazette likely does not have the resources to commission or share in a commission of a polling organization to provide polls focused on local ridings during the Provincial campaign.

      • perryb

        the value of political polls is limited. They do provide fodder for certain media that see every election only as a “horse race” to be breathlessly monitored. We expect, and usually get, more than that from the Gazette.

        • Dave Turner

          I disagree.

          Limited value maybe. But still valuable.

          It would be helpful to know, particularly towards the climax of the campaign, where the candidates stand relative to one another in voter preference according to a reputable pollster. That knowledge might persuade some voters to vote strategically so as to stop a specific candidate from winning.

          • perryb

            exactly. So if people wait to see which way the wind is blowing, they will have already influenced the result, which is already amplified by the media.