Covid19 is still with us - data tells the story. Positivity testing rates are high

By Pepper Parr

April 15th, 2023



Despite the statements being made by a Halton District School Board candidate for trustee Covid19 is real and we are still seeing outbreaks.

Close friends who had travelled abroad and returned to Canada found that they tested positive a few days after their return. Theirs is a nasty case; both are seniors who were exceptionally careful – he wouldn’t shake hands – fist bump was all he would do.

It is out there, it is air borne and masks are one of the ways people can protect themselves.

For people with existing medical issues Covid19 can lead to death.

The Halton Region Medical Health Officer publishes regular reports on what is happening in our community.

Here is some of the data being made public. A fuller picture can be found HERE. The data is updated daily

The number of hospital admissions is lower – but it is still a significant number.

The number of positive results from testing tells us that the virus is still being passed around – it is airborne – a mask is one way to prevent the virus from spreading.

Long term care facilities are major locations. The residents are trapped (too strong a word) where they live. The virus is brought into the buildings. These are older people with nowhere else to go.

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