Current City Manager Tim Commisso Started in the Finance Department When He First Began Working for the City

By Pepper Parr

December 7th,2023



During the budget debates City Manager Tim Commisso said on more than one occasion that Burlington had zero tax increases for a number of years, making the point that during those zero tax years there wasn’t enough money being applied to the upkeep of the infrastructure.

Councillor Paul Sharman frequently talks about the several million dollar infrastructure deficit. That deficit is so high that they city had to put a special tax levy in place that was dedicated to infrastructure upkeep.

We find it interesting that Commisso would blame a previous Mayor for not collecting enough in the way of taxes while working in the Finance department – where he would have known just what the problems were.

The size of the infrastructure deficit? It started growing during City Manager Tim Commisso was working in finance.

Would he not have advised the Mayor at the time that more money had to be allocated to infrastructure upkeep?

Our source has Tim Commisso starting out in the Finance Dept. “ I assume he was hired by Bob Carrington but I can’t remember when he started.  In the early 2000s after the retirement of Gary Goodman and the departure of Ed Sajecki to Mississauga.

“Commisso was successful in becoming one of three General Managers under Tim Dobbie (the other two being Bob Carrington and Leo DeLoyde).

“Tim’s General Manager responsibilities involved the Development Division (Planning, Engineering and Building).  Given his involvement in finance, this involved a steep learning curve which he was able to surmount in good time.”

Perhaps the culture in the municipal sector is – you don’t speak up.

A reader sent us the following information on the amount of time Tim Commisso spent with the city before he moved to Thunder Bay:

City of Burlington
15 yrs 8 mos
General Manager
Oct 1999 – Sep 2008 · 9 yrs

Deputy Treasurer
Feb 1993 – Oct 1999 · 6 yrs 9 mos

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