Darren Burke  develops AI Software: a Cost Effective Alternative to Clinical Trials Research & Testing Dietary Supplements

By Darren Burke

December 1st, 2023



A distinguished scientist and serial entrepreneur, is set to disrupt the world of sports science and nutrition with an innovative new AI software called VITAI. This cutting-edge technology promises to mimic human clinical trials research, predict outcomes, and transform the way individuals approach the marketing and use of dietary supplements. Dosages and combinations of ingredients can be quickly tested to determine expected results on muscle strength, exercise recovery, hormone levels, weight loss, and more.

The groundbreaking AI software, developed by Dr. Darren Burke and his team of experts, leverages the power of artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to simulate complex clinical trials scenarios. Phase one developed for athletes, uses human physiological responses to predict how exercise interventions and supplement formulations would impact muscle strength, exercise recovery, hormone levels, weight loss and many more important variables.

Key Features of the AI Software:

Accurate Predictions: The software uses natural language processing (NLP), advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide highly accurate predictions of how different exercise and supplement interventions can affect specific outcomes in athletic populations.

Reduced Trial Costs and Time: By simulating clinical trials in silico, this innovative technology significantly reduces the time and costs associated with traditional human trials, making it more accessible to researchers, coaches, and athletes alike.

Data-Driven Insights: The software generates comprehensive insights and reports, personalized recommendations, enabling researchers and trainers to make data-driven decisions about exercise and supplement regimens.

The gap between scientific research and practical application is filled by people that look for the bigger picture. These people are called entrepreneurs – they do this every day.

Dr. Darren Burke, the mastermind behind this AI powered innovation, is a renowned exercise scientist and serial entrepreneur with a track record of pioneering advancements in the fields of sports science and nutrition. With this AI software, he aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application, enabling athletes and fitness enthusiasts to optimize their performance and well-being, and most importantly make the right decisions with supplement purchases and usage.

“I am excited to introduce this game-changing AI software that will revolutionize the way we approach exercise, nutrition, and performance enhancement,” said Dr. Burke. “By providing a precise understanding of how various interventions impact the human body, we empower athletes and individuals to make informed choices to achieve their fitness goals efficiently.”

A well structured and balanced exercise program supplemented by nutrients has proven to be very effective.

As an example of the potential usages of this novel technology, Dr Burke and his team are launching the worlds 1st sports nutrition brand built using AI, called CIRCUT. It is a brand built for athletes – beginner, professional and retired and demonstrates the power of their AI to scour millions of peer-reviewed publications on the effect of natural products on athletic performance and build custom formulations to help other achieve similar results. The potential applications of Dr. Burke’s AI software extend beyond athletes to include the general population, and healthcare professionals seeking evidence-based guidance for their clients or patients. This technology promises to drive innovation in the health and wellness industry, offering new avenues for research and improved outcomes for consumers worldwide.

For media inquiries or further information about VITAI click HERE

For more information on Dr. Darren Burke, please contact him via his website at DrDarrenBurke.COM or via LinkedIn.

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