Data from city survey on Bateman high school limited but has merit

By Staff

May 26th, 2022



There weren’t that many participants taking part in the survey the city put out and then withdrew two days later but the data they collected does have merit.

The city wanted to know how people felt about the city selling a sports field to the Board of Education, and how people felt about the city buying the Bateman High school site and then renting part of what they bought to Brock University.

The results will surprise a lot of people – especially the ward 2 councillor who thought selling the sports field was close to a travesty.

The results:

There is some additional data if this kind of thing turns your crank Click HERE for that data.

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5 comments to Data from city survey on Bateman high school limited but has merit

  • Joe Gaetan

    With respect to the three questions that were posed. My response would be, “I don’t have enough information”. If I had more information, I would then be in a position to make an informed choice. Other than that, this is a climate survey that should be taken with a grain of salt. The decision to buy and sell etc. is one for our elected council to make, that is or shoiuld be made in the best interests of the citizens and therefore the City.

  • Fred Crockett

    Why is this an issue at all?

    The City’s plan for the former Elgin/Bateman school makes perfect sense, and 99% the residents of Burlington just assumed that the School Board owned the playing fields anyway. Further, these two bloated bureaucracies are owned by the citizens, not by the insipid staff.

    Neither of these two public bodies have any real estate expertise, and who knows if either had sought professional advice, beyond their corridors, before entering into negotiations. Have principled advisors determine appropriate values, settle on something reasonable, and get on with life.

    Micromanaging twits destroy confidence in the citizenry.


  • Ken Medland

    Lisa Kearns started off her term strongly but continues to lose her focus on what the real issues are

  • Penny Hersh

    This survey does not reflect, in my opinion, how the residents truly feel. It is easy to agree to having Brock University in Burlington, or to the sale of the sports field without knowing what the ramifications to the taxpayers would be.

    Ask the same questions with the true cost of the purchase/ renovations of the Robert Bateman Property included and let’s see the survey results. Hopefully, that is answered by a much larger percentage of residents.

    These results are worthless, and in typical fashion do not include the necessary information to make an informed decision.

    Yes, there are many residents living in Ward 2 who would agree with Councillor Kearns “that selling a public sports area to the school board is close to being a travesty”. There is no guarantee that this will ensure that Burlington Central will remain in the community, and no guarantee that this would not be sold by HDSB ( even though the city has the right of first refusal- they might not have the money to purchase it). The only reason for the sale of this property is because the City does not have the necessary funds to purchase/renovate the Robert Bateman Property.

    Burlington residents need to get involved now….even though it may be too late.