Details on the Circus - eight performances over four days

By Pepper Parr

August 24th, 2022



More on that Circus.

The Gazette called their always reliable General Manager Heidi McGaw to get more back ground on the event.

Circus workers are putting up the tents

She wasn’t available – word is that Heidi has run away and joined the circus.

Circuses have that effect on people

The schedule is as follow:

First show Thursday night 7 pm.  You can get in half an hour before hand.

Friday: a show at 4 pm and a show at 7 30 pm

Saturday three shows


4 pm

7:30 pm

Sunday two shows: 1:0 pm and 5 pm.

You can get into the big tent half an hour before the show starts but you have to have your tickets first

They have a number of different ticketing programs.

General admission is $40 got two people.  Candy floss is not included.

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