Director of Education has failed twice at retirement; thinks he can get it right on this his third attempt - expects to leave in August.

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June 18, 2015


“There was no long term plan or goal to achieve when entering the workforce. I just wanted a teaching job” said Director of Education David Euale.

Eaule David

David Euale, retiring Director of Education for the Halton District School Board

However, as his qualifications grew and opportunities arose, he was always anxious to take the next step. And thus began his progressive career from teacher to vice-principal to principal, superintendent, and one year at the ministry to his current position as Director of Education of the Halton District School Board for the past five years. Euale retires in August

He did not bring a grand plan with him when he arrived in Halton; rather his mandate was to ensure that the board fulfilled its objectives. One key element was to set a multiyear plan, which was accomplished in three months, and became his mandate for the following five years.

It's not the kind of high school you were used to - MORE HERE

Euale leaves a board of education that ranks amongst the top in Ontario in terms of how well the students do on test scores. He also leaves before a possible strike in September.  Students at Hayden High develop their cooking skills.

Student achievement is always any director’s challenge he said and in Halton this was even harder as the scores were already near the top of the province. He feels that this challenge was met as he and the board have raised the bar during his tenure.

One source of pride was his work in e-learning in Halton. He was somewhat surprised that only ten courses were being offered electronically when he arrived. Four years later, 38 courses are now available with over 1,000 teachers having received E-learning training. E-learning could easily be used as a supplement to existing courses.

He has served with three separate boards and he is extremely proud of the quality of the trustees and they compare very favourably with other boards in the province. He feels that the trustees are not only dedicated, but also show an insight to the needs of students. The public in Halton is more aware and involved in their community and this contributes to the quality of the trustee he said.

This reporter sits in a different part of the room than the Director of Education – as I watched the approval of the budget there wasn’t a single question from any of the Burlington trustees on a budget that was to spend $685 million on operations and $62.6 million on capital projects. I thought there would be at least one question from one of the trustees.

With one of the few boards showing student growth, three secondary and nine elementary schools in the past five years this continued growth has been challenging.

Alton has a spanking new high school with air conditioned classrooms; the envy of every high school student in the city.  The school is part of a complex that includes a library and a recreational centre.

One of the early fully integrated community complexes that includes a Recreation centre, a public library and a high school were built in Alton while Euale was Director of Education.

He is a supporter of the new health and physical education curriculum as new technology has opened up a broad base for enquiring minds. We as educators need to respond to the free flowing information that is available through the educational process he said rather than leaving the internet as an educator. Our board has received its fair share of calls and I believe that our staff and trustees have handled them in a professional manner.

He feels that the students of today are better educated today than 15 years ago. We are graduating more students from secondary schools and with the new technologies; they are better researchers, better problem solvers and better collaborators.

Euale did concede that he does not know if the current students know their history facts or times tables as those in previous years, but with the teaching of the new technologies, something may drop by the wayside. Overall, we are seeing a much better educated student.

When the subject of the website was approached, he quickly conceded that there was work was needed. There is a lot if information on the site but finding it can be arduous at times. A total of $100, 000 in the most recent budget has been set aside to improve the site.


Euale knows that today’s students are getting much better educations – and that those students are going into a world that is a lot different than the one he grew up in.

When he leaves the board in August, Euale feels the challenges for the new director will be to maintain the high performance in Halton, to continue to focus on student achievement and manage expectations of parents with the funds that are available. Over the past five years he has managed to build and guide a very competent staff that if managed correctly should continue the high standard within Halton.

With this being his third retirement, first from the Upper Grand School Board, then from the ministry and now from Halton, don’t place any bet that he won’t show up again somewhere in the educational field.

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