Director of transportation gets staff to fix a broken web site link on a long weekend - kudos to him.

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March 27, 2016 02:36 am


The Gazette is quick to point out the short coming of city staff – the screw up that lost the sound and closed captioning part of a Standing Committee webcast one one of our most recent – but there are two sides to that coin.

Vito Tolone Dir Transportation

Director of Transportation Vito Tolone – works long weekends.

More often than the public realizes – staff make that extra effort.  We did a report on a public meeting that is to Review Parking standards for the city that have not been significantly revised for 30 years.  Reference was made to a survey the public could take – bu the link to the survey didn’t work.

The Gazette sent a note along to the Director of Transportation Vito Tolone – who responded Saturday evening at just after 11 pm, advising us that the link had been fixed.

Kudos to you Vito.

The survey is at: CLICK HERE


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