Does City Talk become city trash in most Burlington homes?

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  June 18, 2012    There were 70,000 copies of City Talk delivered to Burlington homes the week of June 4th, 2012  This is the first time the city has used a magazine format for the publication which requires six weeks to get through the various approval levels at city hall.

My question to those 70,000 households was this: – how many of you still have your copy of City Talk?

Cover of the most recent issue of City Talk -how many people kept the magazine

My follow up question was: – is the just shy of $20,000 in direct costs plus 105 hours of staff time writing, editing and putting the graphics in place and getting City Talk to the printers worth that much of your tax money?

In a very preliminary survey of Burlington residents a few said there was some use to the publication but when pressed other than saying “it is nice to know” we didn’t get one reason for keeping the publication.

The vast majority of the people we talked to said the publication was of no use to them. It was admittedly a very small sample.  We will in the next few weeks formalize the questions And then do a typical grid type survey of 100 households and another 50 people in the two shopping malls.

We will have a copy of the publication in hand so that people can identify what it is we are asking questions about.



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