Downtown merchants prepare stores for holiday Season while OMB hears appeal on Brant Street height limits.

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BURLINGTON, ON  December 1, 2011  –  The Downtown core begins to take on a bit of the Ho, Ho, Ho feeling with the decorations appearing in store windows. The Burlington Downtown Business Association holds an annual contest for the best decorated commercial establishment.  One of the winners this year racked up their fourth trophy.

Here are the winners.

Rahoons Persian Eatery at Village Square won Best Overall Award.

Rahoon Persian Eatery in the Village Square for the

Best Overall Display for 2011











Stefanie Humby hold the BDBA Award won by Davies Condo`s.


Best Display by a Service Provider

Davies Condos.








Glen, Chantal, Darby and Eric hold the BDBA Awards Coffee Culture has won since 2008 - winners four years in a row.

Winner of the Best Restaurant and Eatery

Coffee Culture at Elgin and Brant.









If that display doesn`t make you feel like Christmas - then head for Florida. Ooh! Beautiful things says it all.

Best Interior Display Award went to”

Ohh! Beautiful Things
















If you want someone to decorate your Christmas Tree - Centro Gardens are the people to talk to. They were Burlington Downtown Business Association winners for Best Window Display by a non-professional.


Best Window Display

done by a non-professional

Centro Garden.















Best window display done by a professional


If you look closely at the picture you will see Dan Bishop holding the BDBA Award Scriveners won for the Best Window Display



The award winners have done their part to bring a sense of the Season to the downtown core.  While they were doing that a developer was at an Ontario Municipal Board hearing challenging the height limits the city has for lower Brant Street and a part of the Old Lakeshore area – the property we once knew as the Pearl Street Café.  The developer has two appeals before the OMB.  The second is for a property at Brant and James.   Both are important cases from a planning aspect which we will follow.

What was noticeable was the several local establishments that could certainly afford to add to the look and feel of Brant Street who had done nothing.  The downtown core certainly has its problems attracting people into the area.  Middle of the day when the malls are so packed you can’t find a parking spot – but if you do find one – you’ll say its free.

Lots of parking downtown – and yes it costs a couple of dollars but you can usually fine one.

There is a solution to the problem the city has in creating a downtown core that has a sense of vitality to it.  Coffee Culture, which won its fourth Burlington Downtown Business Association Award – they’ve won in 2008 through to 2011 – quite a feat.  The place is frequently packed and always has someone in it.  What are they doing that other locations aren’t doing?

That question certainly perplexes a number of people and so far no one has come up with an answer – but don’t let that stop you from dropping into the shops on Brant Street. John Street, Elizabeth and Pearl.  Fine shops on each.



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