Drug dealer wants a second chance – parent says he has no sympathy for drug dealers.

Crime 100By Pepper Parr

July 7, 2014


Late in 2012 we ran a police drug bust story on a 24 year old Hamilton resident who was charged with Possession of Cannabis Resin for the Purpose of Trafficking, Possession of Cannabis Marihuana over 30 grams, Possession of Psilocybin, Possession of Ecstasy, Production of Cannabis Marihuana, Possession of Cannabis Marihuana for the Purpose of Trafficking.

This was a drug trafficker with a significant inventory.  We did not follow up on this information to find out if there was a conviction.

Several days ago we got an email from the drug trafficker asking if we would remove the story because it was “causing trouble in my job career as people are Googling my name and I am having difficulty holding a job due to this. Can we please have this removed as I do not wish to pursue this legally and go through the court system as I’m sure you guys don’t wish to waste your time in the courts either.

Drug bust over 100-000

Some of the evidence gathered in a drug raid is truly scary – the weapons are very real. This photograph shows drugs in its early form – it gets refined and moved through the supply chain. And make no mistake about these drugs – there is a demand.

“It has been over 2.5 year that this event occurred and it would be greatly appreciated if my name and the other names be removed or blanked out.  If I  don’t receive a reply within the next few days to weeks I will have no choice but to contact a lawyer and take this to court, again I really don’t wish to do this as it would just be a waste of time and money.” The writer provided us with an email address and we contacted him saying we would have our lawyers be in touch with him to arrange for the receipt of any claim for damages he might wish to serve on us.

The young man replied: “I didn’t mean to threaten you in any way, I just wish to have my life back in order.  This is creating a huge burden for me, I just wish to have it removed with little work as possible (meaning no lawyers, judges and so on), it’s just a waste of time for everyone.”

There are a number of readers with very strong views on the damage the drug trade does.  We sent this along to one of them who came back with:

Too bad buddy. Your name is out and you have to deal with the choices you made in your life; that is one of the consequences of criminal behaviour.  Why make a potential employer Google your history; why not disclose your past and try being honest because that is your only hope to fix any damage you may have caused to yourself.  Your threats for a potential damage claim are laughable.  Drug dealers are the ones that cause all the damage.

 I am a parent who has tried desperately to fight off drug dealers for many years in an attempt to save my children from the life destructing effects of the drug world.  I hate drug dealers.  Through my experience and ongoing education of how the drug world works, I can tell you that drug dealers cater to kids as young as 9 and 10 years old; that is very disturbing.  My kid got fed cocaine from an adult drug dealer at the age of 14.  That adult drug dealer now knows I know, and he carries that burden wherever he goes out in public and also where he lives; that type of constant feeling of being shadowed by a loving parent cannot be a good feeling, but, it is one of many consequences of being a drug dealer.

 There are others, and I believe from personal experience that a parent’s efforts do not go unnoticed by all those active in the drug world.  Dealers do not like publicity, so it is somewhat comforting to know that once in a while we get to know who these people are through media and police bulletins.  Another method is to go to the courtroom and sit and witness all these idiots get processed through the system; this is all ultimately public knowledge.  It is actually quite a pleasant feeling to watch as the names of dealers get exposed.

Donegal drug evidence Aug 24-13

When there is a major drug bust the police frequently lay out all the evidence to be photographed and then make the pictures available to the media. It is all part of the regular media work they do, which includes the name of the accused.

But it is not easy to find who the drug dealers are and more importantly where the supply originates.  I am one of those parents who likes to find out, because I want to know where and why tens of thousands of dollars of my money went as a direct result of these scumbag dealers that lurk amongst the rest of the people in society.  It takes a long time to recover from the effects that these dealers bring upon the rest of the world; similar time as this goof now trying to get assistance to hide his past.  This will take a long time buddy, and you deserve every minute of your struggle and waiting time.  Accept your frustrations now as a bit of payback for your dealing actions.  Your other option is to return to dealing; nobody will deny you that type of access to work; you can start today; no Google.

I want this information posted on a billboard at a busy intersection; names and pictures of all the drug dealers.  It would be a very good deterrent.  I will pay for the billboard.  It can be a place where other parents, ones that may not be as active in the fight against this scum, can come to see who these people are that are killing our children.  Parents have a right to know who is killing their children.

The writer of the above is a respected professional that we have met.  It will be interesting to see if his views are shared by others.

As for the drug dealer – we think he has some work to do to convince the community that he deserves a second chance.



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5 comments to Drug dealer wants a second chance – parent says he has no sympathy for drug dealers.

  • Chester

    If you check the Halton police website you will notice another drug bust last night.

    Three young adults busted for marijuana and cocaine trafficking. One of the young adults was previously busted for similar charges along with what appears to have been his father aged 44 years at the time.

    It’s heart warming to see a son follow in the footsteps of his father.

    There will be another bust very soon. This story is actually kind of fun to watch.

    Pepper, you should interview the drug squad cops one day and get an overview of what actually goes on; it will be an amazing story that will open the eyes of a lot of people who think they can keep their children safe from these scumbags.

  • Joan

    Wow that is a lot of drug paraphernalia. I don’t even recognize all of those names and nothing by sight. I did notice however, the THREE bolt action rifles. This is not traces of an amount purchased to roll your own later. As mentioned this is drugs in the form which has yet to be processed how I do not know and I suspect most reading this do not know. In conclusion this is a very serious Effort and Intent to make and deal and in his mind need\use those rifles. I do not know the result of the court case mabe we should see it. This is very very serious and requires much consideration as to outcome.

  • Donald

    Wow, give this guy a chance. People make mistakes and deserve second and third chances. People do change. Get out of your oldschool thought.

    • Dianne

      Go ahead Donald, give the guy a job.

      His name is (name deleted). His name and the names of his co-accused are found not only in the Burlington Gazette archives, but, also on the police website and other sources provided by Google. With the help of Google, you can also find all the other drug dealer types that may need work and be given 2nd and 3rd chances. You can be the hero and help drug dealers change.

      In the meantime, I will tell parents of children who were given cocaine by drug dealers that the cost of their child’s life is something they should accept as fair exchange for the actions and demands of a drug dealer.

      We all make mistakes, but, most do so without taking away the lives of other people like drug dealers do. Children are the clients of choice for drug dealers.

    • Donald

      To be honest, everyone should be that hero and help people change, Dianne. Connect with the volunteer community and you’ll find people who have done wrong but are now doing more good than all the stagnant people that claim to work so hard and contribute nothing to others. Point is: people do change and let the situation unfold naturally rather than broadcasting this individual’s name and putting him to shame. One day, he could be the person that saves your life or does good for your children. This is life, get used to it and realize that the main goal is to help others.