Eco-friendly trends: how to become more eco-friendly.

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August 15th, 2019



In recent times, the use of the word “eco-friendly”, otherwise known as “nature-friendly”, has popularly increased on commercials, talk shows and product packaging. It is, however, important to get an insight into the word eco-friendly, hence, enabling us to implement the practices necessary for a healthy living for the planet and its inhabitants. According to, eco-friendly is defined as the means of having a beneficial effect on our environment or simply by not causing harm to the environment. This goes beyond just an idea but expands to the practices that impact how individuals, products, communities and businesses behave themselves.

How to become more eco-friendly
Being eco-friendly or nature-friendly is very crucial to preserve all our resources and to promote environmental sustainability. It is not only beneficial to the environment but also of great advantage to us. To become more eco-friendly, you need to identify first how your choices impact the environment. There are three steps to becoming eco-friendly which includes: learning how to consume things that cause little or no harm to the environment, striving to encourage people to produce a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, and discovering and lessening your carbon footprint on the environment.

The 3Rs of wastage hierarchy is one way of becoming eco-friendly, this means Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – reducing what is manufactured and produced, reusing items for other purposes instead of disposing of it, and recycling items like paper, aluminium cans to form new items to preserve our environmental resources. Additionally, saving water and electricity also makes us eco-friendly, and this can be done by turning off lights when not in use, proper insulation, fixing leakages, etc. Other ways include planting trees, driving less and walking more, using energy-efficient products, buying recycled products, etc.

bamboo clothing

Clothing is now being made from bamboo which is hypo-allergenic and UV resistant.

Eco-friendly trends
Most people now realize how being eco-friendly can greatly impact on our environment. In the fashion world, most brands are tending towards eco-friendly fashion wear, which helps to promote sustainability and ethical practices. Researchers and every citizen of Mother Earth are coming up with new ideas and eco trends to counter the problems and help to preserve our environment. In 2019, some eco-friendly trends have been geared towards environmental consciousness and sustenance. Most countries are putting an end to the use of plastic, and are producing alternative materials from waste as a result of the effect of dumping plastics in oceans.

turbines at Wolfe Island

Turbines at Wolfe Island near Kingston.

Furthermore, most Europe countries are going green with affordable alternatives and renewable energy options like solar or wind energy. Also, minimalism and anti-consumerism mindset are an eco-friendly trend. Most people are moving towards a simple environmental lifestyle like buying less, having a smaller home, and no waste mindset.

Additionally, electric and self-driving vehicles are economically friendly because they use less fuel and decrease overall pollution. Most hotels now incorporate eco-friendly trends due to the rise in demand for green lodging. This trend includes a reduction in energy, waste management, water consumption and conservation.

Benefits of being Eco-friendly

Every habitat on planet earth needs a clean environment to survive and live a healthy life. So, it is important that we keep our environment clean for healthy living. Eco-friendly products promote green living that helps to prevent air, noise and water pollution as well as conservation of energy. Eco-friendly won’t only benefit your environment; it also saves cost. For example, using products from recycled materials or reducing air travel and organising conference call meetings instead of physical meetings. Being eco-friendly and engaging in its practice needs to be considered as it is beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants.



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1 comment to Eco-friendly trends: how to become more eco-friendly.

  • Maura

    If we really want to be eco friendly then all cars should be electric and forgive me for saying but look at the packaging of anything we buy! It’s ridiculous. We say the words but putting into practice is the challenge. We are making changes however can do better.. we also have to keep an eye on government that uses conservation to slant Policies to their own advantage.
    I don’t have the answers however if we all try then we are heading in the right direction.