Eight names will be on the ballot in October – more to follow for certain.

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January 24, 2014

Getting interesting in Ward 4 with a “nerdy socialite”, Lexi K and a Hart Street resident, John Sweeny,  who doesn’t want to commute to Toronto anymore, filing nomination papers.  Still waiting for a couple of other names in this ward – there could be five people on the ballot for that ward.  THAT would be interesting.

Lisa Cooper has decided to have a go at it again and filed her nomination papers in Ward 3 which means no acclamation for Taylor, the incumbent.

In 2010 Lisa was some distance behind John Taylor but if you combined her vote with what Cory Judson picked up – she would have become the Council member.  Judson is not expected to run again – understood to have moved to Stoney Creek.

We will come back to you with more on Lisa Cooper – what can be said at this point is that while she certainly lives within the ward boundary she is well south of the Dundas divide and certainly not a rural Burlington resident.  While Councillor Taylor has done a good job representing that part of the city – he doesn’t live in rural Burlington and you really have to be “one of them” to effectively represent them.

The time may have come for at least one of the Wards 3 and 6 Council members to be represented by someone from north of the Dundas/407 line.

Ward 1 has a race for sure.  Rick Craven the incumbent has yet to file nomination papers.  He missed the Mayor’s State of the City address – was reported to be vacationing in a warmer climate

City Clerk will oversee the municipal election and sign the document that makes the winners official.

The lineup at this point as we near the end of the first month of the count down to the municipal election in October is:

For Mayor Burlington: Rick Goldring

Ward 1:Katherine Henshell and Jason Boelhouwer.  Incumbent Rick Craven has yet to file nomination papers

Ward 2:  No one yet; the incumbent Marianne Meed Ward has yet to file nomination papers

Ward 3: Lisa Cooper – the incumbent John Taylor has yet to file nomination papers.

Ward 4: John Sweeny and Alexandra Kubrak. Incumbent Jack Dennison traditionally does not file nomination papers until sometime in June and then spends the summer cycling through the ward knocking on every door possible

Ward 5: Ian Simpson.  Incumbent Paul Sharman has yet to file nomination papers. A third candidate is expected to come forward in March.  Ward 5 has traditionally have a large field of candidates.

Ward 6: No one yet.  Blair Lancaster the incumbent has yet to file nomination papers.

Regional Chair.  Incumbent Gary Carr has filed nomination papers.

There will be a bunch of people who want to call this place “home” for four years.

The Burlington Gazette will publish profiles on each of the candidates and follow their campaigns.

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Runners in the race – those not yet at the starting gate.

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