Election battle for ward 1 gets an early starts – nominations aren’t open yet but election material is out there.

November 25, 2013

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  Nominations haven’t even opened for the 2014 municipal election and there are buttons opposing the re-election of the Ward1  Councillor, Rick Craven.

Local opposition in Aldershot to the re-election of Co Councillor Rick Craven roars out of the gate before nominations are filed.

The people behind the buttons shown below haven’t stepped forward yet to say who they are but the proof we got of a button that is about to be manufactured is pretty clear.

Candidates can file their names with the city Clerk the first day of the New Year.

The document we got doesn’t say how big the manufacturing run is going to be.

Is this considered election material?  Does the group putting these into production have to file documents with the city?

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17 comments to Election battle for ward 1 gets an early starts – nominations aren’t open yet but election material is out there.

  • Concerned about Burlington

    If it is – needs to change name from Fishin’ to Birdin’

  • mary bozelli

    Fishin’ Civil – is that you Ricky?

  • Fishin' Civil

    Good luck with your buttons and your candidate. If you all remember in the last municipal election, you all felt the same with the Wellness Clinic on Plains Road, adjacent to Tim Horton’s. Not wanting a “clinic pharmacy” near an elementary school… Shoppers moved in right beside the school…lol

    All your NIMBY Fears got you no where. I have seen no changes in the neighbourhood except improvements from revitalization.

    And, Rick Craven was again re-elected! what makes you think he won’t be re-elected again.

    • Concerned about Burlington

      I think Mr. NIMBY lives in a fish bowl. Rick Craven won’t win the popularity contest next year!

  • Michael Cunningham

    I agree with Morgan as we are experiencing similar problems with the proposed Townsend Ave.improvements. It’s time to remember that elected officials are there to represent the interests of their constituents. I’ll take buttons and signs, just tell me where and how to get them.

  • Morgan warren

    What comminity are you talking about? When beachway became part of ward 1, all craven saw was an opportunity to make a legacy for himself at the expense of rightful homeowners in a community that is over 100 years old. As he was quoted about Katherine Henshell’s proposal, “We know what this is all about” the same can be said about what he is doing to the Beachway Community. This is just for his own personal, political gain. Not for the residents of Burlington and Halton Region.

    When you sink to back room politics, it will come back to haunt you.

  • Alison Smithers

    What is so wrong with Rick Craven? He is honest, intelligent, hardworking, and handsome, and he does a lot more for this community than Marianne Meed Ward.

    • Concerned about Burlington

      Dear Alison,

      There are many many many people who would love to sit down with you and tell you all about our Dear Councillor Craven. Obviously, you don’t live in Ward 1 and if you do – don’t follow politics, webcasts or the GAzette’s honest perspective. Marianne Meed Ward is for the people – Rick Craven is for himself. As for handsome – try Plenty of Fish

  • Ley Spence

    I will wear one proudly!! Front and back!! Can’t wait for them to arrive!!

  • donald

    Craven is great

  • Concerned About Burlington

    i’m sure a boatload of people would love to have one. Can’t wait to see who will run against Craven. Hopefully someone who has some public relation skills.

  • Laura durrant

    A truck load will be showing up at 978 Lakeshore Rd! Spread the word, free button to EVERYONE!

  • Morgan Warren

    Where can I get a boatload, and is there a sign version?