Elizabeth Nugent died as the result of knife wounds to the neck.

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November 4, 2014



Nugent 2Elizabeth Nugent died as the result of knife wounds to the neck.

Police were called to an apartment building on Pearl Street in the City of Burlington on October 28th

After arresting a barricaded suspect, the body of Elizabeth Nugent was located inside the apartment.

The accused, Malcolm Copeland, has been charged with second degree murder.


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4 comments to Elizabeth Nugent died as the result of knife wounds to the neck.

  • Pete

    This happened far too close to home. I had very recently run into Elizabeth at The Queens Head… she was a beautiful woman and extremely personable. I sincerely send my condolences to the family. This is tragic.

  • John

    My thoughts will be with her family and friends this holiday season. Stay strong. RIP.

  • Jack

    Elizabeth was my cousin. I can tell you the entire family is absolutely devastated by the loss. Personally. I was stunned at the news and I’m still coming to grips with our loss. Elizabeth was a warm and loving person. She was the best in all of us. She was charitable, talented, funny, beautiful, and a true adventurer who never hurt anyone. She was everything you could hope to be as a human being. And now she’s gone.
    My hope is the charge is not reduced to manslaughter, and that Malcolm serves the appropriate time in prison. It won’t bring our Elizabeth back, but the scales have to balance. What happened just isn’t right.

  • Rose

    I just wanted to thank the Police force that came to our building and arrested Malcolm Copeland.

    They were wonderful in making us feel non threatened.

    We are very lucky to have the Police unit that we do. I also wanted to express how sad for them to see such a tragic end to a beautiful life.