Everything you need to know about the Formula 1 summer break 

By Justina Gartlab

August 29th, 2022



The Formula 1 summer break is a short period in between the season where there are no official F1 races. The break is so fundamental that there is a strict closure of factories and other F1-related industries with only basic functions allowed to proceed.

The thrill of being at the track or watching the races on TV is something you never forget – but drivers and the rest of the team do need a break.

The break is upheld by article 21.8 of the FIA sporting regulations which states “all competitors must observe a closing period of fourteen consecutive days during July and/or August.”

In the 2022-2023 season, the summer break extends between late July, after the Hungarian GP, and Late August, just in time for the Belgian GP. You can find more information about sports interaction bonus and promotions to improve your F1 races betting experience ahead of the season resumption.

What is the importance of the F1 summer break?  To provide drivers an opportunity for social interactions

If you love the F1 races, you will certainly be glued to your screen in a bid to catch the matches which happen almost every other weekend as there are over twenty races in every season.

However, you have to admit that the drivers are as human as you, and need a social life far from the spectators. The break gives them ample time to relax and reconnect with their families and friends without the hassle of training.

For instance, Lewis Hamilton says he is fully transformed and more in touch with his  ‘roots’ following his African visit during the lapsed break.

This team is a vital and critical part of winning a race.

The personnel teams such as those working in production, car design, and development also get to share in it. This prevents any parties from gaining a competitive advantage over the other, as neither can hold meetings or engage in planning activities unless with the authorization of FIA.

As the F1 teams resume working immediately after the Christmas break, this is their first and actual resting period without interruptions.

To minimize costs

With the production, planning, and designing functions on hold, the F1 teams and stakeholders can cut the majority of their costs then. Research projects are also paused which lowers the costs.

Races after the 2022 summer break

If you are looking for new ways to spice up your autumn season, these upcoming Grand Prix events are exciting races will surely keep you company.

Belgian GP               26 -28 August

Dutch GP                  2-4 September

Italian GP                  9-11 September

Singapore GP           30 – 2 October. 

Japanese GP            7-9 October

United States GP       21-23 October

Mexican City GP        28-30 October


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