Expect to see quite a bit of child labour used by BLOMHA parents this weekend – there’s $100,000 up for grabs and they want it.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  March 23, 2013  This should be illegal.

They want you to vote as often as you can.

No limit as to how often you can vote AND no age limit either.

Before reading any further – slip over to the voting link we are talking about and vote a couple of times – you’ll feel better after doing that a few times – then come back and read on.

Can you imagine if those rules applied in the municipal election – we’d have a council of nothing but nut cases.  Don’t anyone dare come back with the comment: Isn’t that what we have now?

From left to right Katherine Hartman (Barracudas player helping out her cousin and BLOMHA), Tiegan Priestner, (birthday girl helping her brother) and our youngest Daniel, with the official BULLDOGS mascot.  Daniel is obsessed with Bulldogs hockey, he’s got his Bulldogs hat on and bulldogs pj pants!   

Kristen Priestner’s daughter is voting today and it’s her birthday.  Her brother is in the van with his Dad on the way to London to play “the good old hockey game”.  But they will be back in the evening and at the key board.  If you live on Marc Lane or anywhere near the street, drop in on the McNeil household – won’t be hard to find his place – the street will be filled with parked cars and the rooms will all have that blue glow from computer screens.  Wonder how many computes can get through the WiFi in the McNeil household?

What’s this all about – and who is giving away $100,000?

Kraft Foods has a contents going on where 20 communities from five different parts of Canada have been nominated and are finalists in this contest.  John McNeil was nominated for Burlington and is up against 19 other cities and towns  in Ontario.

The place that gets the most votes gets the $100,000 – with $20,000 going to the next four.

If this guy approaches you – take the flyer and vote – as often as you possibly can and bring that $100,000 first prize to Burlington and BLOMHA.

The money has to go to the promotion and improvement of minor hockey.  And in Burlington BLOMHA is a leader in the development of hockey skills and the building of character.

This is a two-day event – it started at 9:00 am this morning and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday the 24th.  Remember, no age limit and you can vote as often as you want.  What Kraft Foods is doing is seeing just how much spirit a community has – the one that gets its people out and on the keyboards is the one that will take the prize.

Has Burlington got what it takes?  We will know at the end of the month when the results come in.

There is no tally of who is ahead – you don’t get to know that – you just have to dig deep and get your people to the web site where they log in and vote.


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