Expect to see reduced speed limits on Wilson Avenue – residents convince council committee to make a change.

December 3, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  Wilson Avenue residents appear to have prevailed and convinced a Council Standing Committee that the speeding problem on their street deserves attention.

This street looks more like an airport runway – it invites speeding. Residents have convinced a Council Standing Committee to reduce the speed limit to 40 kmh – and look at speed bumps if the limit change doesn’t work.

The street runs south from New to Spruce and looks a little bit like an airport runway – this street invites going over the limit which is currently 50km.  Residents want it brought down to 40 and if that doesn’t do the trick they will look into asking for speed bumps – a process that requires more than 50% of the street population to go for the idea.

And – the backlog for speed bumps is more than two years

There are no sidewalks on the street which makes it very dangerous for the many people on the street who like to walk

Details are a little complicated – we will cover this in more detail later in the week but for now the city is prepared to reduce the speed limit on the street and then look critically at possible speed bumps.

The Standing Committee bought into the delegation – the item goes to Council on the 9th for approval.

More to follow.

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