Female fox looking for her pups

By Staff
April 10th, 2022
Local artiest, Helen Griffith, took these pictures of a fox in her back yard and made the following comments on her Facebook page:
Last week we had this beautiful fox in our backyard. I think it’s pups may have been removed from a neighbour’s yard and the fox seemed to be calling and looking for them the night before as well as in the morning. Such a sad sound to hear, but probably safer for all the local small pets.
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4 comments to Female fox looking for her pups

  • Alfred


    They don’t eat our pets but they do tear apart and eat while still alive, baby rabbits squirrels, mice and baby birds among many other living creatures. Yet you don’t find that heart breaking. You appear to side with the predators (killers) as opposed to the innocent victims. I learn something new every day and shake my head.

  • Sheila

    So sad, they were lovely to have in the neighbourhood. Tragic and cruel if done by a human.

  • Ted Gamble

    No kidding. It sounds like inappropriate human interaction based on Helen’s comment.

  • Sally Hewitt

    Foxes don’t eat our pets!
    This is so sad that her babies have disappeared
    No different than humans, they will protect their babies…this is heartbreaking