Finally the full story on the automobile accident last March - it is tragic - a young man now has to work at re-building his life.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

June 4, 2106


This story gets more and more tangled – it can now be ended

The accident took place in March.

Charges were not laid for 90 days. Names were not released.

The police eventually lay charges – still do not name the person charged.

They then release the name of the person charged.

Still no reason for the delay in the laying of charges.

The Gazette learns from a usually reliable source that the person who was eventually charged had been in a coma since the accident and that he had become conscious a few days ago.  Charges were then laid.

Was there not a better way to manage the flow of news?

Confidence in the integrity of the police service is critical. We have to know we can believe them at all times.

This situation is truly tragic – driving while under the influence of alcohol, runs a stop sign, crashes through a metal road rail, is seriously injured and in a coma for several months. To then come out of the coma and then be charged by the police.

This young man has some serious problems ahead of him.

The police were in a position to be both sympathetic and at the same time carry out their duties and use the opportunity to drive home the message – you can’t drink and then drive.

The consequences are disastrous.

Young David Dren now has to rebuild his life – we wish him well.

The Halton Regional Police Service do strive to keep the public informed – they might use this situation as a case study on how to inform the public and at the same time keep driving home the message – you can’t drink and drive.

The full story line:

Original story.

Police release the name of the driver.

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