Fire department looking for volunteers. Is a firefighters calendar part of the job?

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BURLINGTON, ON  February 8, 2012  The fire department is looking for individuals who are interested in a challenging opportunity to serve their community as a volunteer firefighter. You can get an application on February 13, 2012.

Is this man over 18 and a Burlington resident? Then he must be a Burlington Fire Fighter.

All applicants must be a Burlington resident and at least 18 years old; meet the volunteer firefighter requirements as outlined on the city’s website and be prepared to volunteer your time for training, firefighting and other related duties.

The information you need is on the city website:

The application period is from February 13, 2012. To 11:59p.m., Feb. 24, 2012.

Burlington’s fire department consists of both professional and volunteer firefighters, employing 203 full-time staff and 65 volunteers. Being a volunteer firefighter is no ordinary job; the work is varied and challenging. New recruits will be assigned to Fire Headquarters, Station No. 1 located on Fairview Street or Fire Station No. 5 located in Kilbride based on where the applicant lives. The Kilbride station covers the rural areas of Burlington, mostly north of No. 2 Side road.

There was no mention of getting your picture on a fire fighters calendar in the press release.

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