First Alton Village community structure operational: high school opens, Library next, Recreation Centre goes live in October.

September 2, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  The buses will begin pulling up in front of the spanking new Frank J. Hayden High School which will quickly become Hayden High.

Some students don’t know which room will be their home class but most know their locker number.

Hayden High, named after a Burlington leader in the development of sport for the disabled. Grades 9 and 10 show up on Tuesday.

Teachers have been briefed, the principal and his administration staff hope they have covered all their bases – because at 8:40 the bell will ring and the history of Hayden High begins.

Day 1 at Hayden High is going to be a BBQ – nice touch.  The school has quite the pedigree to build on.  It’s sports team name has been determined and they should be out on the field real soon.

Rear of the high school with the cafeteria windows on the left looking over the playing field.

There may well still be the smell of fresh paint in the hall ways.  A lot of stuff won’t be quite finished but the school will open and the Village of Alton will take on a whole new tone.

So – what are they going to walk into?  We’ve not been through a tour of the building yet; the Haber Recreation Centre will see its first official event take place early in October.  Bookings are being accepted now.

The library got its shelves last week and the books followed a day or two later.  Library staff have been working long hours to have the space ready.  Library CEO Maureen Barry said she would like to see the Library open by the middle of September and certainly before the end of the month.

From the outside the three parts of the structure are impressive.  The Haber Recreation Centre, Hayden  High School and the Public Library collectively form this newest addition to the infrastructure that people actually get to use as opposed to just driving on.

Immediately across the street from the complex is the Norton Skate Board Park, a number of tennis courts, a splash pad and soccer fields.

Playing field at the rear of the complex. AstroTurf laying was not complete when picture taken.

Alton Village, a location that still has new homes being built, has its elementary schools in place and is becoming a much more complete community with a history it’s residents now know more about.

There is plenty of parking space at the side and rear and of the building with an impressive playing field at the back of the school with natural stone seating.  The high school cafeteria is at the back of the school overlooking the playing field.

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