First time pier walker says forget about the cost; enjoy the location and the views.

By Walter Byj

BURLINGTON, ON.  May 30, 2013.  First of all, let’s forget about the money and the multiple delays. 

I know that to some this is an important feature and must not be forgotten.  That is true. 

Correspondent Walter Byj: Enjoy the pier.

What will it do?  Add to the beauty of downtown Burlington. That was not only my thought, but also others from the media that took the afternoon tour.  It is not the longest pier in the world, but is one of the few curved piers around. It offers a picturesque view of not only Burlington, but also of Lake Ontario and the Burlington Skyway.

The pier as you will see it as you walk down from Brant Street. The last of the landscaping is being done, the LED lights that will illuminate the beacon at the top of the node are being installed and programmed. The one thing that will not happen here this year: the Sound of Music parade will not get out onto the pier.

In addition, the rock formation along the shore  is stunning. And this view will change depending on the time of day and time of year.

With 100 programmable LED lights, the pier will come alive at night and can easily reflect special occasions such as red and white lights on Canada Day. In fact, dusk or night-time could very well be the best times to visit the pier.

Scott Stewart, GM of Development and Infrastructure  for the City of Burlington is proud of the pier and feels that it would be a winner for downtown.  When asked about various problems that the pier might encounter, such as crowding and other activities that the pier offers. he did say that “it would be a learning experience and rules might have to be made up as circumstances dictate.”

 Should you run down on June 15th so that you can be the one first to walk the pier?  Perhaps not, it might be fairly crowded.    However, do make the trip and take in the surroundings without thinking of costs and overruns. For some this may not be possible, but the money has been spent, you cannot get it back.  Enjoy the results.

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