Former Mayor Cam Jackson works with the food bank team to ensure those without don’t go without. Good on you Cam!

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON October 5, 2012  He may be a former Mayor and a former MPP – but he is still very much a citizen of Burlington and when the call comes Cam Jackson is there to do his bit.

Food banks are where Jackson likes to be – he sees the need and he just plain likes being around people.  He is Chair of the Burlington Food Share that benefits the Salvation Army and others through their seasonal food drives.

Jackson has been part of this program for a number of years.

You should have gotten one of these bags in your mail box. Fill it up and drop it off – there are people who aren’t able to shop for food this weekend.

Earlier this week most households in the city had a brown paper shopping bag with the Burlington Food Share logo on the front listing all the places we could drop off the bag once we had filled it with groceries.  It’s an impressive list – and hopefully all that donated food will meet the need this Thanksgiving weekend.

What many may not have seen was the line at the very bottom of the bag – Thanks for Sharing,Cam Jackson, Chair, Burlington Food Share.

The Burlington Community Foundation Vital Signs report released earlier this week said that 63% of the people who used a food bank this year have used food banks for more than three years.  That is not an impressive number.  It’s people like Jackson who keep Food Share going.

You may not have voted for Jackson – but let him know that he did have an impact and that we appreciate what he does for the community he represented and led.



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