Foxcroft doesn't disappoint the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Crowd

By Pepper Parr

April 21st, 2022



The Burlington Chamber of Commerce held its Breakfast before 9 event – at the QB Sports Bar – the place was packed.

Terry Caddo , President and CEO, chatting up a Chamber of Commerce member

Was that because it was the first opportunity for people to get out and mix and get back to the networking that is such a big part of the Chamber world – or was it because Ron Foxcroft was the speaker?

Foxcroft never fails to deliver. Much of his story has been told man, many times – but it is always entertaining and each time you come away knowing more than you knew when you walked into the room.

He was promoting his recent book: The 40 Ways of the Fox – all the proceeds go to City Kids.

Terry Caddo, the newish President of the Chamber was meeting the membership and telling them what was planned – he will release the revised Strategic Plan at the end of the month.

Paul Sharman was on hand – his networking amounted to his giving people his nomination papers to sign. While I didn’t actually see the document I was told that they were nomination papers for the ward 5 council seat which he currently holds.

Wait Parr, you might ask. Haven’t you been saying that Sharman is going to run for the Office of Mayor? Indeed I have – and I still believe that Sharman will eventually file new nomination papers.

He did something similar in 2010. He had filed papers to run as Mayor against Cam Jackson. When Rick Goldring also filed nomination papers running for Mayor, Sharman pulled his Mayor nomination and filed for the ward 5 seat which Goldring was giving up.

Cheryl Goldring signing the Sharman nomination papers.

We all know how that worked out. Sharman won in ward 5, Goldring was made Mayor. Four years later, Sharman wins again in ward 5 – Rick Goldring losses to Marianne Meed Ward.

And the person signing the Sharman nomination papers? Cheryl Goldring – Rick’s wife.

Only in Burlington.

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