Gareth Williams seeking the Green party nomination for the federal election expected in October.

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June 6th, 2019



Gareth Williams, one of the candidates for ward 3 in the municipal election has decided he wants the Green Party nomination.

In a note on his Facebook page he states:

“I’m excited to announce that I am seeking the nomination to run for the Green Party in the upcoming federal election in Burlington!

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

“Canadians have become disillusioned with the current government, who promised ‘real change’ in 2015 but have stalled on many issues, including on the threat of climate change. When many were looking for leadership, we were given a pipeline instead.

“Like many I had enough, and sought people committed to real action. I found the Greens were ready.

“This isn’t a decision I’ve made lightly, and I am realistic about my chances, but I believe strongly that 2019 will be the year for a Green breakthrough. Voters have woken up to the fact that when you elect Greens, the established parties take notice. Just witness the success of Greens in BC, PEI, New Brunswick over the past several months. And of course Mike Schreiner right here in Ontario has been invaluable in holding Doug Ford’s government to account and keeping the priorities of ordinary Canadians at the forefront.

“Many who supported the Greens voted strategically in 2015 based on the promise that it would be the last election held under First Past the Post. Those same voters were then disappointed when Justin Trudeau abandoned that promise, then went on to offer half-hearted attempts to address climate change, with approval of projects like the TransMountain pipeline leading many to wonder just who it was they voted for. The prospects for climate action under a Conservative led government are even worse, and Ontarians have seen first hand in recent months what voting Conservative because they don’t like the Liberals gets us. And like many I am uninspired by the NDPs leadership and continuous waffling on the issues.

Gareth Williams 2

Gareth Williams: has yet to learn to relax.

“I believe Canadians want to send a message to the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP that addressing climate change, poverty, implementing electoral reform, improving transparency, and co-operation across partisan lines aren’t just talking points– they’re what we demand out of our politicians.

“That’s why voters in Nanaimo chose to send the second Green MP to Ottawa last month. Many of you have told me that you’re similarly upset with how the big three parties take our votes for granted, and I agree, so I made the decision to put my name forward as a positive choice this fall as part of the Greens.


Gareth Williams – acquitted himself well in the municipal election.

“Right now I’m working through the process of officially becoming a candidate, but if you want to help me secure the nomination, please respond below or send me an e-mail or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. The most important goal right now is to recruit new Green members here in Burlington – if you’re interested in signing up, or just learning more about Green policies such as ‘Vision Green’ or ‘Mission Possible’, visit

“You must be a member before June 15th to vote at the nomination meeting to be held this July.”

Gareth has an excellent mind but is as wooden as a 2×4.  He has yet to learn the art of relaxing, of being folksy with people and putting them at ease.  The Greens have always had a tough time finding a candidate.  We have it on good authority that former Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring is not going to seek the Green nomination.

Williams is quite right; their is wind in thee sail of the Green boat.  The public may well have become fed up with a lot of what has happened in the past four years – and Climate Change is top of mind for everyone.

Just chill a bit Gareth and try not to make the mistake of changing your image in the middle of an election.

All four national political parties either have named their candidates or have people actively seeking the nomination.  Their may be some independents.


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2 comments to Gareth Williams seeking the Green party nomination for the federal election expected in October.

  • Kurt Koster

    Good Luck Gareth. You will make an excellent candidate.
    If it weren’t for the Liberals broken electoral reform promise, Greens would be a shoo-in.
    A minority government, with Greens and NDP holding the balance of power is our best hope. The first item for parliament then, is to enact electoral reform resulting in some form of proportional representation.

  • Lynn Crosby

    I hope that others throw their name in the ring so that we have several good candidates to consider, and we can hear from each candidate why they joined the party, what they have done in the past to show they’ve always been passionate about green issues and the Green Party, and that they are doing this for the party and the cause, not for themselves. It’s important we get a good, genuine candidate with the right values. I think this could be the election where the Green Party could make a difference, particularly if they can win enough seats that the governing party has a minority.