Graffiti was one thing – the knuckle busters – this got beyond spray paint.

Crime 100By Staff June 27, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. The Halton Regional Police have concluded their investigation into a series of graffiti ‘tags’ that were discovered in east Burlington during June 2014.

Graffitti June 26 - on hydro box

Is it good art? The utility company didn’t think so. The pink and grey were a good contrast though.

Graffitti June 26-14

Little doubt that these two “works of art” were done by the same person.

Between June 1st and June 19th 2014, several community locations were damaged with spray paint (including a bell box, fence, mail box, decorative rocks). Police received information regarding the suspected source of the damage and on June 27th 2014, a Criminal Code Search warrant was executed at a Burlington residence. Officers discovered evidence relating to the graffiti incidents and arrested the occupant without incident.  In addition, several prohibited knives and brass knuckles were also discovered and seized as a result of this investigation. Accused:  Sonnie Benardi, 30 years, Burlington was released on a Promise to Appear in Milton Court – July 23rd 2014) He has been charged with: Mischief to Property (7 counts) Possession of a Prohibited Weapon (10 counts) Possession of a Controlled Substance (Contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act)

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3 comments to Graffiti was one thing – the knuckle busters – this got beyond spray paint.

  • This person should be out replacing the wood boards and cleaning off the mess they created! Why should out taxes pay for this persons disregard for public spaces and if it is someone under the age of 16, time to make the parents accountable and tack it onto their property taxes!

    sick and tired of hard working, respectable citizens fitting the bill!!!

  • Roger

    Rather then an expensive and not need to put a person in jaiol for this – Is it possible that the person charged could actually clean up his / her tags and any others that are in the area from Fairview Street / Lakeshore / Burloak / Guelph Line

    I do consider this type of taggign as art – IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME – what this person has done is NOT THE RIGHT PLACE AND RIGHT TIME – it is truely property destruction however I think the city should be open to creating or allowing space fro artists – not vandals to create art

    • Joan

      I agree with Roger when it comes to the tagging that it would be a good idea for the City or someone to provide a space for such artistic renderings. Some of the work is very talented. However it is an offense to post such on public or private property. The idea that the perpetrator should clean it up is a good one and at the same time to refer them to an appropriate space when one becomes available. I believe this is done in the U.S. and some artists are hired by people who have seen and liked their work.