Great hair, knows how to work the crowd – and there was a crowd. Trudeaumania? Not yet.



By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  June 20, 2013.  It was a pure photo-op.  He with the hair and the strongest political pedigree in the country dropped into the Mapleview Mall in Burlington Thursday morning and let all those who gathered around him sigh and have their pictures taken.

Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was in town. No policy statements – not a word about “it’s nice to be here and see all my friends from the last visit”.  Just a passing through event.

Photo op and just photo-op – he wasn’t talking to news people.

This is politics in the summer.  It is going to have to be better than that if this Tory bastion is to be breached.  Mike Wallace, our current MP, can safely continue with his summer BBQ’s and use that flower he wears in his lapel that will squirt water at you.

OK – there’s four votes. They are old enough to vote aren’t they?

With Bob Rae, a once runner for the Liberal Party, resigning, Justin Trudeau now has two reasonably safe seats that will have by elections within six months.  When that race takes place we will have a better sense as to how good an election campaigner he is.

Convinced – maybe not but the audience at the Mapleview Mall was convinced.

As photo ops go – this was a good one.  The crowds weren’t great but they certainly weren’t embarrassing.

The faithful came out to be blessed – and the Liberal heir apparent laid hands on them.  And then they all went home and Justin moved on.

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